Tour II Pro Tront Shifting

I have a 2012 Tour II Pro. It is a 27 speed. I have a question about the front shifting system.

The trike has a Sran Gripshift, FD-438(8 speed) derailleur and 3 rings. The question is about the Sran Gripshift. It has 9 postions to shift to the three rings. To shift to the small and large rings you must select the lowest or highest setting. To shift to the middle ring takes from 2 to four "clicks" depending on direction. I bought the trike used but the original owner ordered it directly from Terratrike and has not made changes. Is correct to have nine positons on the shifter and a 8-speed derailleur to change to three rings?

The shifter both front and rear work well other than haveing to change the front shifter more than one click to change the front rings. The left and right Scram Gripshifts look the same with the exception of the shift indicators. If you look in the window of the rear shifter  it has from 1 to 9 indicated, the front shifter has only L ------- H.


  • Noted in a TT How to video this Front shifter item is mentioned and you basically ignore the numbers as the front derailleur is right there in front of you and you can see and here if the chain is moving to the right ring and if it is in proper place. My old Schwinn MTB shifts similarly with going up a ring taking more clicks or effort than going down. Long as it works
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