Winter training

Cold and snow have settled on northern Michigan so I've transitioned my Zoomer Into the stationary trainer. I need to keep pedaling to maintain some conditioning for a triathlon in the spring. The bike section is 17 miles long with one very long and difficult climb. The other two legs are a run to, up and back down a sand dune and a three Mile kayak. It's called the M-22 Challenge.
Anyone else riding their trike in a stationary trainer ? That's how I'll watch one of the football playoff games today and tomorrow. Hard pedal for half the game.


  • I have one but don't use it very often.  It's kind of boring pedaling indoors.
  • Fortunately we don't have the severe winters like they do in Michigan, and I don't mind riding in colder weather. But I do use the trainer for rainy conditions and it is boring since I'm in the garage.
  • You know, Schwalbe does make studded snow tires for your trike.  =))
  • If it's so cold that ice is on the ground, no one needs to be riding!
  • Rid em Trikers! I rode in 20 mile per hour north wind and 24 degrees today, Not a long ride (4 miles) but I rode!
  • 10 inches of snow by morning, 17 degrees, I'll pedal indoors. I can X/C ski outside
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    I was kidding earlier.  They threatened us in far NW Arkansas with a couple of inches of snow, but it fizzled. I watched the radar and the "blue" sections headed toward us just seemed to dissipate before they got here.  Right now (8PM) it's 28F (14 chill) and will get down to 14F (-1 chill).

    My back gate goes right on to a huge concrete church parking lot and I would be able to test the Rambler in the snow, but no such luck.  So far we've just gotten a lot of rain.

    danl, I've ridden in some cold wind here and it was brutal.  I should have stuffed a few "Hot Hands" in my balaclava.  I chose north/south on the trail so that I could have the tail wind coming back.  I did it too, but it was not particularly fun.  My ODO is at 913 and I want to crack the 1,000 soon. 8-}

    So TCEd, stay indoors and pedal.  I'd be doing it myself. :-h
  • There is a fat tire trike at our bike shop. 24" fat knobbies and full suspension. The thing is a tank, weighs 58lb. I would not want to get it out of a snow drift
  • Our temp fell into the 50's overnight.  I tried to ride when it had reached 58 degrees.  I know, that's great weather to most of you guys, but not me.  We also had strong wind gusts.  I had to stop.  The colder weather caused my nose to run and I couldn't breathe properly.  I also wore warmer tennis shoes that have harder soles that did not grip the pedals.  I really love my Sketcher Go Walks!

    So, I decided to use my trainer indoors.  The feel of pedaling was so much different.  I tried several gears and it still did not feel comfortable.  I don't get that same kind of feel from an indoor bicycle.  I'm not sure what I was doing wrong with the trainer.  It has a black-trimmed wheel and a red-trimmed wheel.  Does it matter which one is in front?

    Next time I will make sure I have the correct shoes and continue outdoors.  It's so much better at any temperature!
  • I can't remember which way is what, but one way it gets harder to pedal the faster you pedal, and the other way is easier to pedal the faster you pedal. I always opted for the easier to pedal.
  • My trike has a 26 rear wheel and uses a trainer for conventional bikes. It has a single roller with a friction clutch.
  • My problem with the indoor trainer is that it has you leaning downward because the back tire is elevated and the front is not.  I found these on another site,  The price is great.  Do you think they will fix the problem?
    With the volume of rain and lightning in the summer down here, I need to be able to ride indoors.

    What do you think?
  • That doesn't look like a bad price but I would price a pair of shallow concrete half blocks.  You'd probably want to put a piece of something underneath them to protect the floor and something on top to help protect the tires....just a thought.  A lot depends on the price and the little extra hassle.

  • I checked Lowe's and their pavers are a lot cheaper.  However, they are heavy, are not designed to hold the tires in place, and I do need to buy a pad to put under them.

    I'm going to see if I can find these tire blocks locally to save shipping costs.
  • See if you have a Harbor Freight or a Pep Boys locally.  They might have them.
  • See if you have a Harbor Freight or a Pep Boys locally.  They might have them.
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