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hey there rover owers, i have a rover 8 and my wife has a kmx tornado f8 modified to 24 speed, turns out shes having trouble getting in and out of it due to the fact its so low to the ground, im not even going to attemp it lol,  was hoping to find somebody with some thing more suitible to trade but no luck, any who im thinking about upgrading mine to a tandem so we can ride together, any pros and cons to riding a tandem rover?


  • she has ridden mine alot, and she has ridden her kmx alot and likes it its just to low and shes getting to old and not alot of flexabilty, if she wants to ride she has to have someone to pull her up out of it
  • Boy, I feel her pain!  Can you upgrade her trike to larger wheels.  It did wonders for me!

    The problems I foresee with a tandem are:
    1) transporting it
    2) trouble with sharp turns
    3) differences in cadence of each rider ( I used to kayak frequently and once tried a two-person kayak.  It was extremely difficult to get in a rythym}
  • that has been a consideration, been looking for rims with the same number of spoke hole to relace on to the hubs but no luck
  • How about a more upright trike ?
  • she found the recumbent position more comfortable than than the upright, i personally think if she'll give it more of a chance she'll loosen up and start to get more flexable,
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    I'm inclined (no pun intended) to think that a more recumbent position would be both more comfortable and more efficient.

    I tried my Rambler seat at different angles and finally chose one back further.  Upright you're pushing away from your body.  More reclined you're pushing more downward (body straighter) and that was both easier and more comfortable.  She'll figure out what is best for her then you'll have to work to keep up!
  • thats what im hoping lol  

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