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What type of speedometer works best on a rambler TT wired or wireless? Cateye or sigma?


  • I have a Bell 200 wireless that works fine on Rover. Inexpensive, $22?-but sensor must be fairly close to receiver.i.e. it worked fine when mounted on same side but not on opposite. Rover sensor mount is on left side because of brake geometry. I orig. had it mounted on the right side steering bar before I realized there was that dedicated mount on the left. It works reliably so far. No experience with others and no wires to mess with
  • Are you looking for real time speeds?  

    If not, my Apple Watch and IPhone give me speeds broken down by every mile or increment.  I wear the watch on my arm and the phone is in a bag connected to the front suspension.  However, it has a 300 ft range so you could put the phone in your panniers, if needed.
  • I don't have a phone that I can do that with. I have to use a speedometer.
  • I have a Planet Bike 9 computer on my Rambler GT.  It's mounted on the left handlebar and wired to the sensor on the left wheel.  It gives real time speed, time of your ride, odometer and even ambient air temperature.  I got it with the new trike and I think is cost $39 dollars.  It works fine.
  • Apple provided an update to their watch software recently.  Now I can see my current speed while riding and I also see a breakdown of average speed for each mile traveled.  The later is available in software on my IPhone.  

    My only complaint is now I don't see the current time while the fitness app is functioning.  But, if needed, I can close the fitness app and the time will appear quickly.  And, I'm retired and on no specific schedule.  I prefer knowing my speed over knowing what time it is.  Thank you, Apple!
  • For Rover II, I bought a replacement on Amazon for less than $17.00
    • B013SD1X9W: Bike Computer, Raniaco Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer,Bike Odometer Cycling Multi Function.
    It has a decent display with usual basic functions except temp. It installed easily and was not as sensitive to setting wheel magnet/sensor spacing as was the Bell 200 on Rover I. It worked fine for a month and suddenly stopped. The vendor quickly shipped me a replacement unit. It turns out the sensor was defective on the original. We'll see how it stands up this time
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