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i have a triple sprocket up front 26 36 44,  i do not use the 44 at all, i stay in 36 most of the time, where i live is mostly flat, there are a couple of near by towns that have a couple of pretty deep and steep draws and my lowest gear isnt low enough,  i seen a few comments about a mountain tamer, my questions are can i mount it on with the factory sprocket? or will that be to big a jump for the derailluer? and who carries them for sale?


  • the mountain tamer is a adapter and a 17 tooth sprocket, i know about the mountain drive but its definantly out of my b udget
  • the mountain tamer is an adapter that replaces your smallest chainring it bolts right up to the 74mm bcd inside position and allows you to use cassette type cogs. The cool thing is you could have a couple cogs and fine tune the inner position.

    To install you will need a 8mm allen wrench or crank arm wrench and  crank arm extractor from park tools around $20 each and a 5mm allen wrench for the chainring bolts. The Tamer comes with one retainer that holds the cog in place. They also make a quad version that could give you four chainrings. The install on the triple is very easy and should not require derailleur adjustment. The quad install is much more complicated though once done would be very cool.
  • yeah im a diy'er i been looking at videos on how to do's and researching the tools needed to do so, really sucks not having a bike shop here, i remember a times when there was a half dozen shops here, now we're twice the size but nothing to show for it
  • chain length is determined by the large chainring and small rear cog. Dropping the size of the inner ring should not change the length on a properly set up triple. 
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    @Jamesr are you advocated adding chain length while dropping chainring size? 

     I have always set chain length by getting as close as possible to a vertical rear derailleur cage on big front smallest rear cog for doubles and by adding a link due to longer derailleur cages for triples. I believe this is the system used by Shimano. I have used it to build many flawlessly shifting bikes over the last 35 years and it has always served me well. 

    Further it really doesn't matter what a shifter manufacturer says (no I did not go to the micro shift site) as long the rear derailleur can wrap the chain all will be well. Finally I do not see a problem with the scenario using the OP's crank we get 44t up front and let's say 12 in back for 56t total. Pop the Mountain tamer on and run 17x30 for a total of 47t do you? I could se a problem if the front derailleur cage is not long enough to support a 17t chainring without rubbing.

    Once again you are needlessly complicating a poster question by adding stuff you seem to have read about on the internet. SO educate yourself use some common sense.
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