single lever brake control

Anyone tried using the single lever brake control for both front wheels ? I'm entered in a triathelon this spring that includes a twenty some mile bike ride that ends with a gradual but long decent of appx. three miles. speed picks up quickly and I'd like to avoid having to constantly think about pulling to either side at speed when applying the two brake levers equally, actually dragging them slightly.

I know adjusting the single lever can be problematic also that why I'm asking here. Any experiences you have had would be helpful in my making a choice.



  • I'm a Paralyzed stroke survivor  the single brake control works great for me nrver had any problrm of not grabbing equally allows me to ride  But, I'm not going  stressing my brakes that much good luck
  • Thanks for the input, I'm going to change to a single lever asap
  • i never could get mine adjusted right, one brake or the other would work but not both equally at the same time
  • It does not make sense, in my mind, that two Bowden cables of differing lengths would have equal coefficients for stretch (inner cable) and compression (cable housing) relative to applied pressure. For that reason I do not think it is possible to have equal brake action when there is a differential in cable lengths involved.
  • Could use equal length cables
  • Alternative solution.... a single brake cable pulling a "yoke" which pulls two equal length actuating cables to the brakes. Something similar to the way brakes were done on roadie bikes back in the day where the pivot point for each brake arm was well down on the fork.
  • Another thought. Has anyone installed a rear wheel brake ? Either a rim or disc ?
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