Master Link on tandem terra trike

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Do both chains on the tandem have a master link? I located the one for the back cranks, but haven't found one on the front chain.
The last 2 or 3 times we've ridden we've thrown our front chain, I'm thinking it needs a link or 2 out of it, but didn't find a master link on it.


  • Usually there is a set of MasterLinks in every chain, although it is not as important on the front chain because it does not need to be separated when the trike is uncoupled for transportation. If you plan to remove chain you will need to cut the chain anyway - since there is no MaterLink, cut it wherever you want. You can splice it back together, but I would suggest MasterLinks. If it's not spliced just right you run a higher risk of having the chain break while riding.

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