Six month update

For those of you not here 3 months ago, I'll digress a bit.  I bought my Rover six months ago, when I thought I weighed 400 pounds.  The day I picked it up from the bike shop, my doctor had informed me I weighed 467 pounds.  Horrified was putting it mildly.  Nevertheless, I rode my trike at least 3 days a week and focused on curbing my appetite more than I already had.  After 3 months, I was down to 442, I had lost 25 pound.  Since then winter rolled through.  Even in Florida, there were days too windy or cold to ride; those days I usually walked.  Yesterday was my latest checkup.  I had learned to fear that dreaded scale but imagine my surprise, I'm down to 407.  I lost another 35 pounds.  That gives me 6 months of loss totally 60 pounds.  My goal is 200 pounds, but I already feel better and my family and friends say I look better.  Bottom line, riding my Rover and controlling my intake were the deciding factors.  I do take a fat metabolizing pill to help with eliminate excess fat but I believe the Rover made the biggest difference.  What else can you do that is easy, comfortable and fun but still helps you lose weight?  If one exists, I've not yet found it.


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    Congratulations!  I am so jealous!  I haven't seen the weight loss yet but I can sure see muscles not seen in years.

    I noticed little change in my arms and midsection so I went to Target and bought an elastic band with handles.  I use it to do waist stretches and twists.  Since I struggle standing for long periods of time, I use it while sitting.  I'm still getting exercise and I've noticed changes in only a week!

    What kind of distances are you riding now?
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