Edge shorter boom?

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Hello, I have a 2006 TerraTrike Carbon Edge that my wife would like to ride. But she seems to need a shorter boom. Is this possible and how much might it cost? Also, is there a way to tell what size boom I have already? Thanks!


  • The seat is very adjustable and I would suggest sliding the seat all the way forward.

    The boom is bonded to the front bridge, a process that takes 1 week to cure. Changing the boom is not something that can be done by a consumer. I will discuss with our engineers whether it is financially viable to have the trike returned to us, break the bond, bond the new boom, and ship it back to you.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • I, the primary rider of an Edge, being 5'2" inquired about also shortening my boom.
    We brought the seat 99% forward. By doing this my elbows were angled too far backward.
    To solve this, Ben, the expert at TT agreed that the following was the best, as there are no extra parts for the edge & the cheapest approach.
    Totally remove the microadjustable handlebar from the mainframe, cut 1" off the end, reinstall.
    Another idea, bring the angle of the seat less reclined.
    Good Luck,
    Dave/Deb Longworth
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