Any Riding Groups in the Port Townsend area or Riders looking to form a group??

Just ordered my TerraTrike Traveler and plan to enjoy the Larry Scott trail which I presently do as a walker. I have a 25 lb 4yo Schnoodle who will be riding with me or walking/running with me via the Bike Tow Leash (which I plan to purchase). I am planning to rig something up so my pup Jack can ride when he gets tired walking/running on the bike leash. I am thinking that I can place something on the removable rear rack that I plan to purchase. There are some interesting bike trailers out there that could be used for my dog. Anyway, am looking to join up with other Trikers. My husband rides a regular bike. We are in our mid 60's and enjoying this beautiful area in the rain shadow of Mount Olympus. Take care.........Marie


  • I will keep that in mind. I have decided against a dog bike trailer. My dog is 25 lbs and he should be able to ride on a customized "seat" that attaches to the travelers's removable rack (found one for $166 including shipping at I will look forward to fabricating something out of PVC and maybe incorporate a dog seat just to the side of the rack. I do not think that it would throw off the ride significantly if he rode in one of the "panniers." That is the beauty of the trike because it would not work otherwise. My Traveler should arrive this week or next. Can't wait to stick it in my trunk!! LOL.
  • A dog that weighs 25 pounds really requires a trailer. Too large and unstable for rear rack. Panniers are meant to be used in pairs with the load evenly divided on the two sides. A folding dog trailer would be your best option.
  • Good points made by both of you. I am a very slow rider and my dog is very energetic. He did very well with the Walky Dog Leash on a regular bicycle. I agree that a trailer may be my only option for Jack with the Traveler and there are some nice 1-wheeled cargo trailers that can hold a dog crate. I need to get my Traveler to start seeing other possibilities. I saw one guy who had fabricated a Side-Car equipped with a wheel and all. I definitely need some way to carry him when he wants to take a break from "mushing." Dog Powered Scooters make a pretty nice rig. I have emailed them to see if they can fabricate a mount for the Traveler. The device will most likely need to be removed when I go to fold it up and put it in the trunk. They have put these devices on Rambers, but I do not think a removable one for a Traveler, YET! They may be inventive and work with me. We shall see. I do know a very talented fabricator in Port Townsend who could probably help me get something rigged up for my Doggie-Assist adventures. I will not be doing this on regular streets and really do enjoy going slow. Yes, it would be just a bit faster than walking. I am in no hurry and the trails are absolutely gorgeous. Who knows? Maybe I will morph into a speed demon. Doubt that seriously. Thanks for your comments. This is fun. Marie
  • Glad you abandoned the idea of putting the dog on the rack behind you.  I could imagine how much he would drool on your shoulders.  The good news is a breeze would probably blow it backwards!

    I understand your predicament.  I had both a 45 lb and a 25 lb dog for several years.  The large dog was always raring to go further and the small one got tired but didn't want to be left behind.  We would do laps in our neighborhood.  Often, I ended up carrying her.  Also, I tried putting her in the front basket of my 2 wheel bicycle and she hated that.  I'm not sure your dog would tolerate anything but a confined trailer. 
  • Yes, I am going to get my Traveler and take it very slow as far as purchasing/fabricating stuff. The Bike Tow Leash(BTL) is a very nice product. I will probably rig up some temporary Bike Leashes to see what works best and probably purchase the BTL since I feel it is extremely well engineered and comes off easily. Thanks for your comments. Marie
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