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I have been shopping out trailers and came upon the Burley Flatbed cargo trailer with the Flex Hitch. If I had a regular bike, that would mean that the regular bike could be laid on its side and the trailer would not move!! It seems to me that this trailer will track very well. I was only going to get a single-wheel bike trailer until I came across this Burley!! It costs exactly $229 and is on Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping!! With this trailer, I can put my dog on it, or carry 100 lbs of cargo, detach and roll it anywhere so very easily!!! Any feedback from you guys would be appreciated. My TerraTrike Traveler dealer says that the hitch is EASY to mount. I can buy an extra hitch for $25 and put that on my husband's two-wheeled regular bicycle. That might be the "Equalizer" with this on his bike, I may be able to keep up with him on my Traveler Trike!! My trike is on order and should arrive very soon.........


  • Not exactly related but it is a dog story....

    Back in the late 60s I had a male terrier mutt named Lobo that rode motorcycle with me. I would tuck his hind legs into my jacket which was only zipped up a couple of inches. Lobo would brace his front legs on the gas tank and off we would go. Travelled far and wide on Oahu streets and even on the highways.

    One day, as I'm traveling about 25mph through a residential area in Kailua, Lobo spies a black dog on the side of the road approaching in out general direction but otherwise minding its own business. Lobo had other ideas seeing the pooch as some sort of threat. He launched himself over the handlebars and start his running motions in mid-air. He was good for about 20mph in short bursts on the ground. He landed on the roadside at full run plus momentum, managed to run about 10 more feet and then went rolling and tumbling head over tail for another 20 feet. The poor black pooch was utterly terrified and couldn't move for almost a minute. Lobo, OTOH, was unhurt but a little shook up and quite embarrassed. I picked him up, tucked his hind legs in my jacket and we continued on home. That was Lobo's last motorcycle ride. The black doggie I never saw again although I rode through that neighborhood daily for another couple of years.
  • Elrique, thanks for the dog comments regarding the trailer. Jack has a great harness that is made for a Service Dog (he is actually my Hearing Alert Service Dog). I can't even imagine that I would be going 20 mph!!! My Burley weighs less than 15 lbs and I will be putting a very nice soft pad for him to sit on as well as strapping him in on both sides and to his back (he will probably be better off facing the rear in the "OPEN AIR" option to avoid dirt getting in his eyes). I will probably fashion an aviator hat equipped with goggles for him anyway. If I ever do plan to be riding on regular streets or ever do want to go very fast, then Jack will be inside his hard-shell case strapped onto the flat bed of the Burley Cargo Trailer. This will give him the utmost in safety, but will be more confining and hot. The vast majority of my riding will be at speeds that are about the same as me slowly jogging. I know that may sound very boring to many of you guys riding at 20 MPH, but for me it is heaven!! My Burley should be here in 2 days. I will let Jack test it out with my husband's bike in order to get him ready for coming with me on my Traveler when I get it.
  • I must agree with Elrique. Jack would undoubtedly prefer the feel of the wind in his face than the view of where he has been.
  • I have been thinking about Jack on this new trailer. I do agree with you both. I believe the Larry Scott Trail here in Port Townsend is so very well groomed, it almost seems paved! I do not think that I will have trouble with gravel flying into his eyes. Jack must face forward! Jack is a major "Meeter and Greeter." I plan to stop for any and all hikers who would want to meet Jack. You see, Jack absolutely loves all people more so than dogs even. Normally he has a tendency to jump up right into people's faces to kiss them. He almost gave me a black eye once. While on the Burley cargo trailer, his harness will be tethered at three different places so that he will not be able to jump up. This is going to be so wonderful for Jack's training. I'll bet he will grow to love the whole experience. I doubt that I even want to go faster than 5 mph. How wonderful going on these trails and being able to stop and sit because you already have your seat with you. This is going to be so great. This will be my typical riding - very slow, stopping frequently for social time for me and Jack. For this very reason, I am leaning in the direction of getting the 8 speed IGH. I will compare the two in a test ride on Monday and then make my final decision of which Traveler to get. For my kind of riding, I believe the most fun will be with the 8 even if I have to haul it up a hill or two. No big deal at all - I can rig a harness for myself and just tow it behind me up a hill. At any future time, I can go back to the bike shop and swap it out the gears for a different arrangement. I am so glad that I have this flexibility to grow with the trike and make changes down the road. Thanks for your help. Marie
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    I did purchase cargo Burley (less than 15 lbs). Jack weighs 24 lbs and the plastic kennel weighs 5 lbs. That means I will be towing a total of 44 lbs. Having this set-up gives me much more flexibility. I could even eliminate the 5 lb kennel and have Jack strapped in on two sides and his back just on the floor of the open cargo trailer. I will probably go with the kennel in the beginning. I will take my trailer/kennel with me for the test ride next week. I am sure hoping the dealer will hitch it up to the two different trikes that I plan to test; 8 speed IGH vs the 24 speed External. This will be very important, as I have not yet towed anything on any kind of bike.
  • I bought a Burley flatbed and just love it! Bought mine from eBay and saved a little money.....
  • Shoot, I should have checked EBay first, but love Amazon's return policies. I do love the trailer, although have not actually hooked it up to the Trike. I have put my dog in it and "walked" him around and he seems very happy. It will be interesting to see how it rides out on the bike trail.
  • Just checked EBay regarding the Burley. It is the same price as Amazon, $229 plus free shipping.
  • How smooth is the bike trail?  Will bumps bother your dog?  How cushy is the bottom of the trailer?

    My dogs hated when my car hit bumps.  I'm certain a trailer would be much worse.
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    Bike trail is very smooth/groomed, definitely not bumpy at all. I can always add a high density foam pad to the mix. Time will tell............
  • You said you have 20" Big Apple tires. Did you mean that you have these on your trike or on your trailer??

    I like your idea of the inflated inner tube and am already thinking along those lines. I may put an inflated 3/4 size Thermarest mattress on the flat bed (maybe even two). The floor of the flatbed does seem like it may stretch or take on the shape of my dog kennel. So that extra cushion will help, like you said. Also, keeping those wheels in their bags (which I saved) will be nice since it will keep the trunk of my car more clean. I will be wiping down my TerraTrike Traveler each time I put it back in my trunk. Take care......
  • Things seems to be coming together and I am very thankful for all the suggestions. Looks like my local bike shop will be able to install a Patterson Crankset onto my soon-to-be ordered TerraTrike Traveler with NuVinci N380 (will just use the N380 basic controller for now). Any thing else I can do? What is a "mountain-bike crankset up front?" With the added gear range from the Patterson Crankset, I do not think I will even want an electric motor!! We shall see.......... Time will tell............. Bye for now.
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