Nice Awesome Rover 2 w extras like new

Dad at 86 is parting w his trike .. it's a terra trike rover II tires still have ever the rumber bead on them. That's how excellent it is... I don't even think it left his driveway. He keeps it hanging on a canoe hoist. And covered...I can email pics. Retailed for 1400.. selling for first...750 cash ... has bike computer. Speedometer distance reader ect..Cargo bags. Disc breaks 8 gears upgradable frame..mirror.water bottle and holder added seat inserts. Has the cruiser adjustable seat. Stores are still asking 1000 for it.. as does terra trike.
It's near wilmington Nc.. can send pics if you like I'll up date this when he sales it.. I may take it to tell bike shop and place on consignment. I just found this site so I see alot of folks looking for and near the carolinas.... or on your way back to flordia ect.. it's a great trike...Very nice stable glides like butter! email if interested


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