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Hey Everybody,

I am Ken and my wife's name is Jen and we are planning going on a 7000 mile tour in April to raise awareness for organ donation and environmental issues such as the plight of the HoneyBee. We will be traveling on 2 TerraTrike Tours and you will be able to follow us in 2 ways. The first is The Zen of Ken and Jen which is at and the other is the Just-Becauses TerraTrike Tour at crazyguyonabike which you can get to by a link at The Zen of Ken and Jen blog (I guess you are only allowed one url per post here) The Zen of Ken and Jen explains mostly why we are going on this trip and adds more personal details of our lives. (Jen does that blog). Crazyguyonabike deals mostly with the day by day aspects of the trip, what we see and how we deal with stuff as it comes up (I do that journal). We are currently 55 days from our start date and training. We are also figuring out what we need to take with us. We have a general rule...if we don't absolutely love it it makes things alot clearer in choosing the equipment and clothes that we will be taking with us. But all that is in the blog and journal. Stop by and check us out.


  • Hey Ken and Jen!

    I just joined this forum today and was going to make a post and tell them about your adventure, but I see you already did that.

    For everyone else;

    Ken and Jen are on day 4 of their journey and doing fine. They started 2 weeks earlier than expected.

    Checkout their blogs mentioned above.

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