Two Rovers for sale in Ohio

For sale – two Terratrike Rovers.  The first has a new set of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires and
tubes.  It also has a Patterson
Metropolis crank device, giving it 16 speeds and a little lower gear than a
factory Rover and a lot higher high end. 
It has an eight speed internal Sturmy-Archer hub that has had all
internal parts replaced in the past year. 
It comes with a rear carrier and seat bag, two LED taillights and a
single headlight, Terratrike safety flag, and rearview mirror.  The Cateye computer was bought last
summer.  Last year, I bought a
second Rover for my wife.  Today,
it has a total of 19 miles on it. 
It also has a set of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires and tubes, a seat bag,
Terratrike safety flag, rearview mirror, a SRAM eight speed hub, an LED taillight
and headlight, and a Cateye computer. 
Replacement cost for the two trikes would be $2,000 and $1,700
respectively.  I am offering them,
your choice, $1,100, or if you want both of them I will throw in two helmets, a
work stand, two extra tubes, two cable locks, a chain tool, and a mini tool
set, a quality CO2 pump that will take threaded or unthreaded cartridges, a set
of tire tools, and a Terratrike car top carrier, all valued at over $300.  I will not ship the trikes, so it’s
local pickup only.  They are
located about 25 miles north of Dayton, Ohio.  


  • I'm interested in your trikes, what's the price for everything?
  • For both trikes, it would be $2,200. Replacement cost of everything would be in the neighborhood of $4,000.
  • Interested!!
  • If you like to see pictures, give me an email address and I will send them and try to answer any questions you may have.

  • What's the reason for all the parts replacement in the S-A hub?  I have a 4 yr old Rover with a S-A-8 hub.  Absolutely no problems so far.  Should I be expecting disaster?

  • I am extremely interested in the first one.

    Simerman.chris (at) gmail
  • This is in answer to TheDuke -- Apparently S.A. had problems with one particular production run. When I had problems last spring, they sent me all new internal parts at no charge. It was a 10 minute job for the local bike shop to change them out. I personally like the higher gears in the S.A., but as I have stated, I installed a Patterson device for an even wider range of gears.

  • I'm interested if they are still available. You can email me at fragilex (at) Thanks.
  • are the trikes still for sale? 
  • They are still available, though someone is coming to see them this weekend.

  • The trike with the Patterson Device on it has sold.  The Rover with just 19-miles on it, is still available.

  • I'm reducing the price of the remaining Rover to $975.
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    I'm interested! You can email me at flybribh (at)
  • I live in Cleveland and I am interested. Are they still available?
  • I am interested in the Rover. Can you please email me at amundsen734 at We could pick up today.
  • If the 2nd one is still available, would you please send pictures to me at

  • These trike are sold. Thank you for your interest.
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