Taking my Rover on a trip

Going to spend a week at Bend, OR.   They have lots of nice developed trails and bike paths, and a lot of bike shops.  Since my arthritis has worsened since buying the Rover, I thought it was time to take it along, so I can be mobile while the wife shops.  Problem: how can two retired folks get it into a '95 CRV?  Here's what finally worked:
First, using my Allen key. I loosened the clamps on the handlebars, and they collapsed right down against the front of the seat.  Then I loosened the clamps on the Versa Bars, and things compressed still further.  I put a Tyrap around the bundle of misc. tubing to keep them in place.

I folded the CRV seats and pushed them as far forward as they's go.

Then I lifted the front end of the Rover onto the edge of the rear door opening and set it inside, and lifted the rear of the trike (which has a luggage rack and a large trunk on it) over the door sill and into the CRV.  I turned the front wheels to the right and slid the trike toward the right side door, and moved the rear of the trike to the right also.  Of course, the front sprocket is a problem, but mine has a bash guard on it.  Just slid the passenger seat a little farther forward.  At that point the rear door would close, and there was still a large space left for luggage, and I had a halfway decent sight-line out the rear mirror.  All this was done by one semi-invalid geezer.  

I did all this in the driveway, but haven't taken the trip yet.  Once the adventure is done and we're back home, I'll let you know how it went.




  • TheDuke

    Thanks for the post.  We've got a 2013 CRV (which is larger than the '95) and a Rover, and I've thought of taking it with us on a trip.  I've not tried to get the trike into the car yet, but if you can do it, that gives me hope.
  • Got the trike to Bend just fine.  I had called ahead and asked for measurements of the "handicapped unit" doors, but they were a little off, so fitting through the door and into the unit was a two person struggle.  Re-assembled and set up in the living room, and then realized that I had trapped myself in the unit.  Reversed process and reassembled trike on the patio.  After seeing the nice walking trail going past the patio, quickly bought a cable lock and locked to a permanent water pipe for overnight.  Finally got in a couple of hours riding around the resort.  Beginning to wonder if it was worth it.  It's the little details that bite you, it seems.

  • I was going to ask why you didn't leave it in the car, but, I guess your wife will take it while you are out riding.  You'd have to get it in the room sooner or later.  Hope you're having a great trip anyway!

    My Rover fit great in the 2010 Escape until I put the 24" wheels on.  Now, I have to put the rear tire in first, disconnect the seat supports so it sits on top of the rear tire, and roll the trike up on the console between the two front seats.  It's harder to get the trike in because boom hits the ground when you lift the rear tire.  Fortunately, the Escape does not have a lip to get over to put the trike in the rear.  

    I am considering looking at the new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid van.  I want a car big enough to hold the trike but still get at least 30 mpg.
  • I didn't leave it in the car because it might be an "attraction" to car prowlers.  Damage the car to get the trike, or just drive off with it all.  

    But now that I've been through it once,  I think I'll do alright, especially if the unit has a place to park it and lock it up.  Getting through handicapped entry doorways is still a problem, though.  Most doors are max 36", and when you consider the door jamb trim, it's about 34".  I'll still have to angle through, and tilt it slightly, which is a two man job.

    Sorry you're having difficulty with the Escape.  If the Pacifica works well, it's a great vehicle.  Friend had one.  

  • Of course, now that I can lock it to something,  I can just assemble it on the patio to begin with, and never take it inside.  At least, that's what I'm thinking.  I'll try it in a couple of days.

  • Further into the trip, more problems.  At the current resort, the patio has a wall around it, so I can't use that.  The alternate is a traveled public walkway, not a good place to leave the trike, since it's not in sight of the door.  Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to take it along.  If it was a Traveller, it could work.  But on this trip, it stayed in the car.  Time to re-think.

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