Selling My Rambler

Purchased it in 2013 have barely used it. Has mirror and side saddles and seat cushion. Will entertain most resonable offers. Live in South Carolina


  • I might be interested. Any more particulars about the bike... Stored inside, well taken care of, tires up, recently lubed, 20" rear wheel... ? Thank you
  • Hmmm ? Guess I scared ya off.
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    Mudbug sorry been busy. Yes it's been kept inside and looks brand new. I had it serviced this year in spring. It has saddle bags. Mirror and seat cushion
  • jwm2015, I think what mudbug42 is trying to tell you is that you have to describe your trike a bit more in detail.  If fact I think he would like a lot more information, in fact, a whole lot more information.  You're initial note is the equivalent of "free mixed-breed puppies."  :-/
  • Lol ok I can give pic if I knew how or if he can give me a email I can email pics I not sure what info he wants or needs
  • I know it is a stock rambler and I barely used it I put saddle bags on it and kept her indoors so she looks brand new I have mirror in it and the seat cushion I can take pics and email them
  • A picture (or 3) is worth a thousand words. My email is
  • Sent you four pictures
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    Let's see if I can figure out how to post pics. OK John, here are a couple of your pics. Hope they help you sell it. :)
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    I wouldn't want to do that for a living, I'd be skinny, REAL skinny. :) It wouldn't let me upload photos from my ipad. But I think I finally figured it out. Hope they help.
  • Thank you so much we will see
  • Mudbug42, would you please tell me about the trunk bag on your Rambler?  Are those panniers part of the trunk bag?  Do they unzip and expand from the bag?  How is the bag fastened to the rack?  And finally, what brand is the bag and does it seem to be good quality?  I appreciate it...  Thanks, Hal
  • Actually this is jwm2015's trike. I just put up the pics for him.
  • Ooops, thanks.  He'll probably read and respond.  Appreciate it mudbug42. .....Hal
  • Please send me the weight and what you are asking. Asap
  • Ok yes they unzip and expand and they are straped on the back and I don't know how to tell who made it
  • jwm2015, thanks for the info.  I was wondering about the unfolding panniers. =D>
  • Yes there great lots of storage space
  • Is this still for sale? If so, how much & will you ship to NH? I will pay for shipping. Thank you.
  • Sorry Helen, but I snagged this one.
  • And by the way, it is riding the trails in Mass. at the present time.
  • Do you still have this trike? if so please let me know. Email
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