Rover or Rambler on gravel roads?

Hello all,  I'm new and will be ordering my Trike as soon as I can decide which will best suit my road conditions.  Can anyone tell me which, a Rover or a Rambler, is best for the many gravel roads I will travel?


  • They'll both work fine. The tires you have will make a bigger impact on performance. Lower pressure tires and/or knobbier tires will work better on loose dirt/gravel.

    The stock CST's are pretty good for this. Watch out for Marathons or Marathon Pluses. Their tread is pretty stiff, even if you under-inflate.

    - PaulNM
  • Thanks for your input, PaulNM.
  • TerraTrike used to make a so called FAT trike - big wide knobby tires - that they may sill have stock, or help you locate those wheels & tires - depending on the quality of those gravel roads they may be perfect, or overkill. It was a version of their Rambler. Here is a you tube video:
  • Don't know what went wrong, try this:
  • I looked into fat tires. They're cool looking, curbs don't exist, they're great in sand and snow. . . but the rolling resistance is horrible. I comprised with Kenda Contact BMX Freestyle tires up front and a Continental Contact Tour 2 in back. The Kendas were an experiment on my part, but they roll nicely on pavement and have enough grip on gravel. The Continental was designed for on and off road and I may replace the Kendas with 2 Continentals if my experiment doesn't last the season.
    Oh yeah. . . I ride a Rambler and half of my riding is on the Erie Canal trails in Upstate New York which is chushed gravel and dirt where it isn't paved. The other half of my riding is on pavement and my current tires roll fine on both.
  • I can't argue your point about the horrible rolling resistance of any of the fat bikes. But if $ wasn't an issue, It might be fun to have a fat trike with an electric assist. It is nice to dream either way. Sounds like you are a fortunate man - and in shape too! Keep on trikkin ;-)
  • I have the 1.95 x 24" inch nobby tires and can confirm that they react different on various surfaces.  I do best on a paved road that has been sealed.  I fly on that road.  On concrete sidewalks, it is much more different and wooden bridges are very difficult. 

    I am able to go on the grass and get off of it.  I couldn't do that with the stock 20" tires.  But, I also get a lot of "bounce" going over curbs or speed bumps.

    I can tell you the ride is so much more comfortable, I wouldn't change them for anything else.

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