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  • Can anyone give me an estimate of the length of the Versa Bars.  By the photo in the Terra Trike Accessories section, I am guessing approximately 12 inches?
  • I'm not in front of my trike right now, but I'm guessing about 12" of vertical lift, then the curve into 4" of horizontal distance. Certainly NOT as long a horizontal as a handlebar.

    The instructions say to ensure that the 4" horizontal section is lined up over the tire, so that sort of takes out the idea of mounting them with the 4" section going sideways and mounting other stuff on it like one might want.

    I did end up pointing my left versa-bar out from the tire at about 45 deg angle, to which I attached the "insert into endcap" mirror (mirrcycle I think it's called?), and after raising the versa bar as high as I dared, I now have a crisp clean rear view. No more looking down around me belly to my left hand through the lower bifocle lens hoping I can see anything clearly.
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    Based on gern's input, I decided to also try the Versa Bars along with the Mirrycle Mirrors on both of our trikes.  We are very pleased with the result.  The outside edge of the mirrors only extend beyond the width of the hubs of the front wheels by an inch, so, there is no problem with the overall width of the trike with the mirrors.  The placement of the mirrors provides a fully unimpeded view to the rear from both sides.  We are fully aware of anything approaching from the rear, or those we have just passed,  :-)  at all times now.

    As to the installation, since the Versa Bar tube is a little larger diameter than the standard handle bar, I cut a piece of inner tube to line the inside of the Versa Bar.  The tightening mechanism of the mirror snugged up to the inner tube liner perfectly.

    See photos below.

    photo 003 - Copy_zpsyemhkcvo.jpg

    photo 001 - Copy_zpsxn9sjwnc.jpg

    photo 002 - Copy_zpseqvtpbme.jpg

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