WTB: 2 demo/lightly-used Paths

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We live in Portland, OR and may be breaking the law by not owning a bike/trike... so we'd like to test the trike-waters by getting a set of "entry level" trikes with our tight budget.


  • 2004 Terra Trike 3.6 FOR Sale


    I've ridden this trike about 1000 miles. I believe I've owned it for 6 years. I don't ride it much anymore so I'm selling it. I've taken lots of pictures and close-ups at: http://picasaweb.google.com/toddhershberger/Trike?authkey=Gv1sRgCNr8mLTdoLqcJA&feat=directlink

    It was made in Hastings, Michigan and that is where I bought it. It's never been crashed.

    There is no stress on your arms or wrists and the riding position and view is phenomenal.
    I'm selling my Terra Trike 3.6 with all the
    accessories too: 3 fenders for the rain, rear rack for panniers (panniers
    not included), seat back bag for small items, 2 safety flag, spare tube,
    mirrors, water bottle cage, etc. The 3.7 is most comparable to the "tour"
    since they changed the names of their models. Wiz Wheelz was located in
    Hastings, Michigan and offered only the TT 3.6 made in the USA when I
    bought it. Now they offer the Chinese imported "Path" model with cheaper
    components than the "Tour". So if you want to know the specifications of
    my trike look at the "tour" on their website.

    I'm asking $1000 for a nicely built trike. We can figure out delivery

    It has a medium boom, which will probably fit someone from 5'6" to 6'. I would prefer a local pickup. You are welcome to arrange for a test ride. I have a few accessories too: 3 fenders, rear rack, seat back bag, safety flag, spare tube, mirror, water bottle cage, etc.

    It rides very comfortably and smooth. It has bar end shifters, 27 speeds, Italian blood red color, Presta valves, 20" tires, 38 pounds, Chromally steel, user manual, etc.

    The new owner will be pleased and will have a big grin on their face... guaranteed. They will also have to get used to the neighborhood waving and smiling.

    This is a great deal off of the original price and the many accessories included.

    Email me any questions or for a test ride. Thanks

    email: now.gabriel at gmail.com
    phone: 773-512-7741
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