Rover Nuvinci - first extended ride

We received our new Rover Nuvinci 2 weeks ago and today we took it to a local park for a good shakedown ride. Here are some random thoughts:

Pros: Lots of fun, comfortable, eyecatching, draws attention and conversations, very smooth riding, no problems with the 20" rims and tires AND - we both love the Nuvinci 360 CVT hub. The Nuvinci is a no-brainer! It is very smooth and intuitive.

Cons: We had to load it up and come back home....................................

Based on signs at the park, I put 15 miles on the Rover today. Not bad for 68+ years.

I do have a Cateye computer to install yet for more accurate distances.

I hope that you all had great Father's Days.


  • I know what you mean about lots of fun, I have a Rover 7 speed with an Electric assist, but I got you by 10 years. I am 78 and my longest ride was 30 miles and that was about a month ago on some trails in the Leech Lake area in Minnesota. 
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