New Rover, kind of bad result

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Happy that I finally got my new Rover NuVinci, unfortunately I'm going to have to move because of it.
Blasted stairs and doorways in my apartment building.
Oh well.


  • Why do you need to move?

    - PaulNM
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    Doors are too small and I have to get it down and up the stairs every time I go out.
    Thought It would be fine due to the listed measurements but it was wrong.
    My apartment sucks, I've just been waiting to get two years rental history so I can apply to move into the place I really wanted.
    Though I'll need to take measurements of my Rover and whatever new places I find.
  • What I've done is pick it up and hold it sideways against my chest. (Almost like a chest curl.) The Rover is shorter than it is wide, and holding it that way puts the weight on my chest and shoulders in a way that reduces strain on my arms. All I have to do at that point is walk sideways to get through doors and long hallways.

    It's still a pain, but at least it'll be easier to move it around while you're waiting to find another place. :)

    - PaulNM
  • I had already been thing on finding a reasonable way to carry it up myself too.
    Just a matter of trial and error.
  • Do you own an SUV?  It will fit in the back of most.
  • Hahaha, me and an SUV! Sorry, it's just really funny from my perspective since I've never tried to own or owned any automobile.
    I've owned just bikes and now a trike my whole adult life.
  • Wow, that's awesome!  I grew up in the suburbs and a car was essential.  When I move from Florida to the DC area, my neighbor said I wouldn't need a car.  I made sure I lived where I could park one.  Even had to pay $15 per month per car at one complex.

    So, do you have an unused parking spot where you could park the trike?  How about a storage area indoors?  What are your options at other locations?
  • Well I've had my TerraTrike for over 24 hours now and I've figured out a "reasonable" way to get out and back in but it's still a bit of a pain. Takes me around 3-5 times as long as as my Trek takes and I can only go around 15 mph tops on flat ground compared to 25 mph so far but oh well it's worth not having a sore rear.
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    Oh no, I didn't think I'd be able to go the same speed. I was just noting the sacrificed speed for more comfort. If anything I'm surprised I could go so fast in the first day when I still need to adjust and develop the different muscles used now, especially considering it's "just" a Rover NuVinci N360.
    Glad I was able to still get a N360 before they downgrade to the N330.
  • @YamiYuki - we have a new Rover Nuvinci 360 and it is the best. I am 68 and have an 'out of date' left hip and carpel tunnel in both wrists. With the Rover there are NO aches and pains. Another big benefit is that by going slower I can take in more of the beauty that nature offers.

    Good luck with wider door openings.

  • From my discussions with TerraTrike, I understand that they are in the process of switching from the Nuvinci n360 to the Nuvinci n380 not an n330. Is this not the case?

  • My understanding is the Rover gets the 330 while the 380 goes to the Rambler and Traveler. I'm curious what the difference is between the two.

  • The NuVinci n330 has an overall 330% equivalent gear range while the n380 has an overall 380% gear range equivalence.
  • @TrikeBirder @robbie8800 @MichaelHebert - I ordered our Rover Nuvinci on 5/31 (this year), it shipped on 6/6 and arrived on 6/8 (2 days), so we have had our Rover for 2 weeks/2 days.

    On the TT Products page it is showing a 330 for the Rover. I went out to my truck and checked ours. It has the 360. I guess we got lucky. The TT web page had all of its changes/updates applied on 6/1 so I am guessing any orders from 6/1 on would have the 330.

  • I suspect they will be moving out the old stock with the n360 until they are all gone.
  • Yeah, which means anyone wanting a Rover NuVinci should buy them now while we get the 20-72 gear inch range with the N360 instead of the 20-65 gear inch range that will come with the N330.
    If you can get the N360 included then you should otherwise I'd buy the lowest model rover and have a N380 wheel built for a 20-75 gear inch range since it can be cheaper then a N330 rover and will be better for anyone that can do more then around 10 mph..
  • That's really strange that they would go back to an older version of the NuVinci.  Hope their website reflects the change or buyers will be upset.
  • It's not an older version, both the N330 and N380 are replacing the discontinued N360.
    Fallbrook decied to increase there product line by making a budget and high end model.
  • My son made me a nice shed for my Rover. Here are some links:
    INSIDE: OUTSIDE. I stand it upright. 
  • Irisch Your links seem to be bad, thought you may want to know.
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