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I live in Muskegon and I own a Zoomer. I am thinking of some upgrades to my trike like the 26" wheel, the new handlebars and perhaps a seat pad. If I come out to your Kentwood location and bring the Trike, can I get those kinds of upgrades on the spot? Do you guys do the work on these kinds of additions? Do I need an appointment or anything?



  • We can do all of the upgrades for you right here, you can wait here or go out and grab lunch or coffee. If you can't wait, it is possible to arrange for you to pick it up at a later date.

    It is best if you make an appointment so we can make sure the right people are here at that time slot to make the installations. Also, calling and letting us know which upgrades you want is best, so we can make sure we have everything in stock - which we usually do, but if you want custom parts that are not on our website we sometimes need to order those. If all you're looking for are the 26" rear wheel, new handlebars and a seat pad, we currently have all of those in stock.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • Hey Jessica,

    Thanks for the "instant" response!!

    Much appreciated. Good to know all the options available to me, including lunch or coffee...BONUS! Might you suggest a nice lunch spot as well....?

    I have been impressed with your website, every since I first discovered these sweet rides. You guys throw off a very cool vibe!

    I will give you a call when I find a bit of time to get your way.

    thanks much for the info.

    -Shawn Lawton
  • Shawn,

    We definitely have places to suggest for food/coffee! There are some nice places on this end of town and there are even more options if you have the time to drive downtown.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon - and thanks for the kudos!
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
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