Seriously? You want Mom's maiden name to give me an account?

So, my first post here is a Public Service Announcement.

I have owned a terratrike for a few months, and someone linked a forum topic from another site, so I came here and looked.  I figured "why not" and signed up. Then I saw the "My Terratrike" link so I clicked, and discovered it is not the same login. (you all know this)  So I figure "Sure, I will register with the company too" and I was good to go until I got to the birthdate and mothers maiden name requirement. 

Terra Trike is not a financial institution and I am pretty certain that they don't have that level of security on their website (no HTTPS in evidence), so all it takes is one 13 year old hacker and now everyone that has registered with TT now has to deal with the very real prospect of identity theft.  I am fairly sure that TT does not guarantee Lifelock service for everyone involved in a breach on their TOS, so by registering with TT you are taking your financial information and just tossing it up in the air and hoping that nobody is looking.

So, the obvious solution is to offer TT fake information which other than forcing you to remember what fake you used, mitigates most of this issue, but that does not solve the problem, it just encourages the bad behavior.  And I would bet there is someone at TT that has looked at the registration stats and noticed that it might be lower than the forum users and wondered why so many people that own TT's aren't flocking to the sign-up-for-spam registration. 

Good Luck.


  • But you get an email wishing you a Happy Birthday!

    I have recently taken my birthday off of most websites.  Medical providers now use that instead of your SSN.  It definitely needs to be protected.  If I knew your name, I could find your mother's maiden name on  None of these sites are real secure.  But, as a former DoD employee who's data was hacked from OPM, I don't lose sleep over it.  If it's gonna happen, you just can't stop it!

    Welcome and happy triking! 
  • What financial information are we saving?
    The maiden name is just a low level security question.

    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

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  • Well of course "birth date" and "Mom's maiden name" are merely passwords, and can have any value.
    I usually use a simple function of such things, such as my real birth date minus 40+- years.  (I am vying for Oldest Person.)
  • Great idea!  You still get the birthday message but no one knows your real age!
  • The maiden name thing is used by some sites as a confirmation item if you lose your password, etc.  I can't remember which security question(s) I've chosen for various sites, so I just use "Fargo" as a standard answer.  First pets name, high school name, mother's maiden name, whatever is Fargo.

    No reason to get uptight.  Just make up an answer you can remember.
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