Northwest Arkansas (Washington County) 2015 TT Rambler GT For Sale

I have placed for sale my one owner, lovingly cared for, Rambler GT.

Full listing is on Craigslist:

My adventures into the world of trike riding are fully documented in my blog:

Why am I selling it?  After a year and 2,500+ miles I have moved on to a more sporty Catrike 5.5.9.  I'll miss the TTRGT, but there is only room in the garage for one trike and the wife won't leave her car parked in the driveway.  'Nuff said.


  • SOLD and on it's way to a new family home on Historic Route 66.  I'll miss him.  We rode a lot of miles together.  His name was "Tenacity".
  • Congrats @TrikesterHal, happy wife... Happy Life! Now you are free to really enjoy the 559. Please don't be a stranger here at ttforum.

  • Keep your blog going also!
  • Not to worry!  I hang out at Dogwood Junction and go on rides with Ben, the owner.  I will no doubt test ride and keep up with all the Catrike and Terra Trike models as he stocks them all.

    The family that got "Tenacity" already have a Rambler so they can now both ride together.  They're nice people.  He will be in a good home.

    My next adventure will be riding in the Gravette Day Parade (Arkansas) next Saturday behind the trailer carrying my high school class mates.  It's our 50th reunion this year.  I'm pretty sure I'll be the only recumbent there and fortunately all horses and horse drawn vehicles have to be at the end of the parade!  Gotta watch your step when the chips are down. =)

    The parade will go up Main Street (all of about 4 blocks :D).  Hey, there were only 45 of us total...  I just hope it's not going to be bloody hot which is often the case.  If it is going to be a scorcher I may just ride on the trailer with the rest, however many show up.  Conditions will dictate my decision.
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