Wanting to buy a terra trike

I am in search of a Terra trike. I need one that can support a heavier person. I am willing to drive 4-6 hours.



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    @justsendsalt Folks will need to know where you live and/or where you can get to in 4-6 hours. Next, you might look at the specs for the Rover and Rambler trikes. I'm a light 300+ pounds :D and got a Rambler in 2014. I'm overloading it a bit but am very familiar with structural engineering. I keep close eyes on the frame for any undue stress. If I find any, I'll get it fixed right away and not hold Terra Trike responsible.
    Both the Rover and Rambler list their weight capacity. The Rover can handle the most.
    Finally, if/when you decide which model you want, go through the classified listings here. There are usually some listed. I chose the Rambler Base model because of the 24 gears and 10lb less empty weight than the Rover. That thing (the Rover) is one stout machine. But I needed the extra gears because I live in western Colorado and it isn't exactly flat around here and the altitude makes that harder.
    I am glad you posted and encourage you to ask questions here on the forum. We have a good number of people that are very knowledgeable about all things Terra Trike.and recumbent trikes in general.
    Good Luck and WELCOME!

  • Thanks for the info. I was thinking a rambler but did not want to limit my options. I live in Indianapolis. Thanks.
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