ISO Medium Boom (red) for TerraTrike 3.6

Recently bought a used TT 3.6 with an 18 inch boom. I'm making it work but an optimal boom would be 16 inch. I've called TT and they have one in stock but thought I'd ask the TT Community first if anyone has a boom they no longer need.


  • Are you looking for the medium boom or are you looking for the medium boom?  I'm not familiar with the booms identified in inches, only short-medium-long.

    I currently have a tour (bengal red) with the medium boom, bit I should really have the long one.
  • I was looking for the Medium boom, as the one I have is a Long according to TerraTrike. I measured it and from top to bottom it's 18 inches.

    I put a cushion behind my back today, though, and it seems to have pushed me up enough so that I'm not feeling too stretched out reaching for the pedals.

    Where are you located, Spyder?
  • I imagine that since your boom is too long, you could remove it and cut it off. If you don't have the tools, take the boom to a metal dealer or machine shop. They won't charge very much to cut it for you. Keep in mind that you'll probably need to shorten your chain too.
  • I'm located in west Michigan. The only issue with mine; my heels strike the cross-member.  I wear SPD shoes and adjusted the cleats towards the rear, which solved that problem. 
  • Thanks gern ... I'll keep that thought in mind when the seat cushion doesn't seem to work for me anymore. I think I'll hang on to the boom I have then since there's an option to have it cut down if need be.
  • Actually cutting a couple of inches from a boom is a diy project.  That is, if you can cut straight with a hacksaw.  Much easier than having to add a couple of inches:)
  • Is the boom then jagged after cutting? Does it require filing afterwards?
  • A little filing around the edge should be all that is required. That's just to knock down any sharpness from the cutting. Another place that could cut it for you is a muffler shop. Some of them use pipe cutters like plumbers use. Wouldn't take but a minute to cut that way, and shouldn't even need any filing/smoothing afterwards.
  • Gern: That's an excellent suggestion.
  • That is a great suggestion, Gern. There's a muffler shop less than 1 mi from me. Thank you.
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