24" rear wheel on Tour II

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Instead of going from a 20” to 26” rear wheel on my Tour
II, I decided to go with a 24” instead. 
The new wheel gives me--in effect--one more speed on the top end and
puts the gears in a better range for my style of riding.  The biggest obstacle is the lack of choices
for wheels and tires.  Fortunately I
found a wheel that matched the front ones, and tires are available in 1 ½”
width (Kenda) and 1 3/4“ (Schwalbe). I couldn’t find a 24” wheel with a free hub,
and had to go with a free wheel instead. 
I really don’t mind that so much, and it makes no difference in my
riding experience.  The dropout extensions
are the same as for a 26” wheel.  Two other
changes included the addition of a custom rear fender and upgrade to a Shimano 9-speed
derailleur paired with the stock 8-speed Micoshift shifter.  Here’s a link to a picture of the trike:



  • Looks great!  I recently acquired a used Tour (not II), and wanted to maybe move up to a 24" or 26" rear wheel.  I can't because the dropout extentions aren't compatible with my frame.  No big deal as this is just my first trike and I will be upgrading down the road.  Anyway, I put a 2.15 Big Apple on the back, and I'm going to put 2.00's on the front in Spring.   
  • Nice looking ride! Definitely a one of a kind!
    Is there a noticeable difference in the ride?
  • The ride is a little smoother with the new set up, maybe due to slightly longer wheel base as well as the 24" rear wheel.
  • My local bike shop did a great 24-in. conversion for my Tour II recently, with 24-in wheels all around and not just the rear one. The wheels are SunWringle MTX with double wall construction and superior to the stock TT 20-in wheels. That makes the bike ride more smoothly, and gets my heels farther up off the ground. It did require the same extension kit that TT sells for 26-in. rear wheels. I see little compromise in climbing ability, but higher speed for the amount of effort expended. It was necessary to remove the handle bar and cut out a 1.75-in. segment from the center and thus reduce its width so that my wrists don't hit the tires during sharp turns. The required weld is under the center plate and thus is not visible. The Tour II was a definite step up from my original Rover, and this 24-in. conversion further enhances riding enjoyment. TT should offer 24-in. wheels for every model they sell!
  • lonelyboy, I added 24"s to my Rover last fall.  I, too, modified my handlebars to get my hands away from the tires.  I had bought the wide handlebars which really made the issue worse.  Combining them with the stock ones was the perfect solution.  
  • I saw a rambler in a shop with 24's all around. Made it look like an off road machine.
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