FOR SALE: Rover TerraTrike $750 Pittsburg CA 94565

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The "Rover" model,Terratrike.  Appears like new, tag still on seat back.  $750.  Located in Pittsburg, CA 94565

     Contact:    reuse01 at garaventaent dot com


  • We've lowered the price to $600, but I'm not sure how to re-post this ad.
  • There isn't a way to delete a posting that I am aware of. I suggest you simply post a new ad - perhaps something like: TerraTrike Rover for sale - Price reduced to $600 from $750 for quick sale.

    Then once you have people looking at your new post you can mention where it is located and if you would be willing to ship it (at buyers expense). It will also help if you can describe any accessories that have been added like- flag, seat bag, bottle cage, heel sling, etc. The folks at TerraTrike are great at assisting with this kind of thing. If it was purchased directly from TerraTrike they can help you determine the serial number and can then tell you of any accessories sold at the time of sale. If it was purchased through a local bike store, TerraTrike can probably tell you which shop sold any particular serial number, then you might contact the bike shop and see if they can print you a duplicate receipt. Or TerraTrike might be able to give you a listing for the nearest TerraTrike dealer who may than allow you to post an ad in their store or even sell it on consignment for you.

    Best of luck!
  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that photos are always helpful, but I don't believe you can post photos directly on this forum. Instaed, if you have a photo sharing site like Google+, Facebook,Flickr, etc.. You can do a google search on photo sharing sies if you don't have one and want to post photos for free. Once you get setup and upload a photo or multilples, you can simply copy and paste the link in a post to this forum - and then click on the 4th icon on the top bar of the "Leave a Comment" screen to activate the link. Note: You must put in the entire web address of the actual PAGE where your photos reside on a photo sharring platform as mentioned above. When completed it will look something borrowed form another post:

    Best of luck!
  • Thanks for all of your help.  The TerraTrike has been sold!
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