4th gear missing

Just got my i8, and it seems that 4th gear is missing. Anyone else have this issue?


  • It's the i8, internal hub of that's what you mean. Any chance you've got images for those directions? First trike, first bike w/o a derailer, and I haven't ridden much since I was a teenager so I'm a bit lost
  • Feels like 3, 4 and 5 are "surprise me" positions. Going up, I'm just as likely to end up in 2 or 1 (feels like) than the slight increase in resistence I was expecting
  • Carefully looked at hub area while switching from 8 to 4 a few times. Found a brass mark in 4th that was not centered in the outer ring. Adjusted cable connection at shifter using the "clicky" sleeve cover on the cable. After each click, shifted to 8 and back to 4. After about 20 clicks, brass detent is now centered in slot of outer black ring.

    Sound about right?
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    Brand new from manufacturer (via American Cycle in Royal Oak) so I'd have to assume it's whatever TerraTrike is using for the i8 now. Honestly I'm bushed (52 yrs old and 360lbs) so I'm taking a break inside with A/C for a while.

    I did take a picture, but there doesn't seem to be an easy way to post one.
  • Hub came on the bike. It was a 2 week old floor model.

    I went recumbant because of my weight. Had 3 traditional bikes in the garage from raising 5 kids to adulthood, but my belly was in the way and the bad knees from carrying that weight killed me.

    So literally I am an absolute newbie to fancier bike and these in particular. I wanted the 8i (internal gears) because of a lifetime of seeing the kids bike gears become rust blobs.

    So the idea of adjusting cable length, gear alignments, sprockets, etc all elude me. I'm not ignorant - I was a reactor operator in the Navy. But you have to speak s l o w l y :-)

    If I assume my gears will be ok now (or need it done again based on 1 - 4 vice 4 - 8), now I'm going to figure out if I need mirrors, flag, etc. And how in God's name I'm supposed to reach past my belly to get the water bottle between my feet? I'm hesitant to pay $90 for a set of "helper bars" (even if they'd help me get in) just so I have a place I can reach to put my water!

    P.S. Thanks for the help!
  • X-RF8 (w) is on the hub
  • If they put it together and it was on their floor, take it back and get them to fix it.  The question is how much was it ridden while on their floor.  It wasn't used, correct?  Did they tell you the warranty was in place?

    Terra Trike works hard to make certain their dealers provide proper service to their customers.  If you don't get satisfaction, call Terra Trike.
  • Warranty is in place.

    Pedals have no straps. Is there something I can/should order?

    Hub alignment not exactly like the pdf james sent me to, but whatever I did worked. All gears dead perfect now.

    Hate the no pedaling rule. Kills when your going up hill and need to downshift - I usually end up stopped.

    Going to Indian Springs Metropark in the morning. A few miles of level path through the woods. BUT, coming in (and thus going out) is a huge hill that I'm dreading for that very reason. Downshifting while trying to go up a hill.

    P.S. seat kept sliding back, regardless of how tight I cranked it. I put a 7" loop of innertube under a hose clamp right behind the seat clamps and that is working to block seat slippage.
  • Jamesr, Sturmey hubs are not nice for bad knees? Well crap. Mine are very bad. I use a cane most days.

    Not much I can do about it now I guess
  • The Sturmey hub (SA) has a pretty wide gear-inch range, especially compared to the other internal hubs out there.

    It's not inherently worse on knees, though. I suspect the others are referring to the fact that TerraTrike's other internal hub models tend to be setup with lower gearing options compared to the SA. This would be better on knees in hilly areas.  

    If you want, it's possible to replace the external sprocket on the rear to shift your gearing range up or down.

    Definitely echoing the not pedaling while shifting advice. Or more specifically making sure there is no load on the wheel until after it has completely shifted. Even if it occasionally works, you will damage the hub by shifting under load.

    - PaulNM
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    Ok gents. Silly question #357. Is there any internal hub that will let me downshift (as in going uphill) without pausing peddling? Upshift I don't mind. It's the uphill pauses that end up leaving me at a dead stop on a steep incline that my knees won't accept starting from scratch.

    Should I feel cheated that it didn't come with the Nexus? Should I feel cheated that it didn't come with Comfort Pedals (with the built in heel strap)? Do I have a beef with my dealer?

    I've ordered the ones from TerraTrike's site with the angled strap over the toes, for around $45 I think it was. But if they should have already been on the bike . . .

    I paid the same retail price as is listed for the Rover 8i on TerraTrek's website, so I expected to get exactly what I would have received had I ordered direct from TerraTrek. Not unreasonable am I?
  • Oh, and the SA in 1 and 2 feels pretty low for this inexperienced fat boy!
  • Thanks. I'll call TerraTrike when they open again on Tuesday and confirm what the bike should have had. Heck, maybe they'll take off the $45 for the ones I just ordered!
  • jamesr, you are an inspiration to me. I hope to do what you did, and lose 160 pounds and get my legs back. I haven't hit the "fat guy using the electric cart at Walmart" yet, but I'm in my way to that if I don't stop it.
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