Chain falling off under pressure

My chain keeps coming off the rear sprocket whenever I start pushing harder to get up an incline. I have the i8 Sturmey Archer.

Any ideas would be appreciated


  • Might want to try down shifting and spinning faster rather than pushing to get up inclines.
  • I was down in 2 and 1
  • Are you still having to push in 2 and 1? What size gear is the front?
  • Normal from factory. I fixed the issue be readjusting rear wheel position
  • Gotta remember, I'm a 360 pound newbie. I'm going to struggle going up a pimple
  • I understand. I weighed 325 when I started riding and dreaded any and all inclines. But trying to force the pedals can be bad on the knees, so be careful and keep riding!
  • Learning cadence seems to help with hills
  • Are you using the standard 8 gears, no second chainring up front? More curious as may be getting a Rover soon, and I'm at 389#.

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  • I had the same issue until I re-positioned the rear wheel as far forward as possible in the bracket, and re-positioned the boom to compensate. Now, my rear wheel cannot slip under load. Problem solved.
  • @IdahoTrailLizard, the Rover is great for our size. I would STRONGLY recommend you either buy from factory and ask for the Nexus internal hub, or dish out the money for the CVT hub. I got the SA hub when I bought from my local dealer, and the "pause then shift" really threw me for a loop. My understanding is that the Nexus internal hub lets you shift while still pedaling.  Oh, and maybe ask for Schwalbe Marathon GT tires instead of the regular ones.

    A FUTURE upgrade for me (maybe you too?) will be to replace the 20" rear with 24" or 26" and add a second sprocket up front. Going to 26" makes your 1 - 8 gears more like 4 - 12 (or worse?), losing the hill climb and granny gears. The second sprocket would be to regain those low gears.

    Reasons for upgrade: Speed, pure and simple. The fastest I can pedal the Rover is about 16.5 mph in 8th gear. I want to do longer trips (I've had it a month and I'm doing 10 miles a ride now) with the ability to ramp up to maybe 25 or 30 mph on downhills or easy straights, and the existing setup won't do it.

    Perhaps you may want to talk with TT when you order and maybe they can set this kind of rig up for you right from the start. In my mind, factory-built front derailer, etc. has to be better than anything I can cook up by hand. Plus, they'll know exactly what sized sprockets to use up front to restore those granny gears.

    I know we can't PM other users on here as they once could, but @jamesr had a lot of advice for folks about gears, sprockets, tooth counts, etc. Maybe he can jump in here if he sees this?
  • @IdahoTrailLizard, also, unless you only plan on pretty summer days, get fenders. I hate TT's prices for them, but . . . . one puddle and the underside of my forearms are pure mud splatter. And one time my rear tire went through dog poo and I literally had chunks hitting me in the back of the head. 

  •  Got the Rover i8 SA yesterday. I was wondering what was up with that shifter when I went for a quick ride last night. That's going to take some time getting used to doing, and the bike shop didn't mention it. Read in the manual after I did a quick jaunt around the trailer park. Why TerraTrike didn't stick with the Shimano is beyond me - price probably.

      Will have to figure out how to adjust this all to my size in the coming days. Was sweating lots yesterday though at first ride. Was pedaling out of reach.

      Thought I'd start out sitting more upright but am wondering if that's going to be a problem with seat slippage. Then @Florida_bound said to use a U bolt. Think that might be a better idea over the hose clamp method I read about, if I can find a squared U bolt.

      The 2016 model come with a fancy blue painted scheme, a mount for a cycling computer magnet pick-up, velcro heel straps (that are a bugger to get one's heels into). Ordered the wider handlebars at 3AM. Not sure how long it will take to arrive.

      Going to the LBS this weekend/next week to see of he can help me if I can't figure the adjustment stuff out or have issues. Joe also has an anti-flats wheel deal; using heavy duty tubes, thorn protectors, and a secret slime mixture. If there is an issue with flats he replacing them at no cost.
      Then he tells me he could of ordered the Rover for me... and previous conversations he wouldn't. Argh!

      Now to watch some setup videos and go outside and try to figure this out while cooking an early dinner with the GoSun Sport. :)

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  •   Oh cool! The wider handlebars done shipped! :D  FedEx too!

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  • If you need help adjusting the Sturmey-Archer, obviously I've been through that and can help. Heck, until I figured it out I had no 4th gear and some were just a guess as to what gear I'd land in.
  • What happens when I put a 26" wheel on the Rover with the Sturmey-Archer? Don't I lose my hill climbing gears and thus need a 2nd front sprocket?
  • LOL!! No, I'm just thinking ahead to a multi-day ride across MI on long smooth roads and paths
  • Patterson . . . Comes with a derailer, or would I have to figure that out too? Oh, and price?
  • How in God's name do you switch which front sprocket is in use without a derailer?

    Ok, time for google search . . .
  • Oh Lord, you've roped me in. I love it!! It's like the internal hubs, but inside the crankset!

    Ok, time to figure out how to hide this purchase from my wife.
  • Patterson is an internal hub.

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    Which do you recommend, 165, 170, or bigger?
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      :x this forum. People here crack me up at times. =))

      Great information too!

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  • @IdahoTrailLizard I probably blew it in the other discussion where I recommended you ask about a bigger rear for your Rover before you bought it.  I hadn't thought about the angles and such, whereas @jamesr certainly has.
  •   Oh, guess I missed it. I have a big enough rear, thank you very much. :P  That's one of the reasons for buying a Rover.

      Wonder if there are helper bars that are less expensive than the Versa Bars. I need to find me a sugar momma for some accessories. Or TT should offer a gift certificate for some sort of contest. Least if they do another scavenger hunt or another contest I'm offcially in this time!

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  • TerraCycle has some interesting stuff, including some accessory mounts and mounting hardware that could be used for a similar effect.

    - PaulNM
  • The versa bars are great, but don't plan on mounting too much on them. They are thicker than handlebars, so lots of stuff won't fit
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