TerraTrike Rocks

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Hey Everybody,

In case you haven't figured it out yet...
TerraTrike really takes care of their family. They have never let us down when we needed them. Jen and I are on a 7000 mile tour. Yesterday we had trouble with her shifter. We called TerraTrike. They worked with the local bike shop in Radford Virginia and wehad the part today and are on the go again. Thanks for being there TerraTrike and taking care of your customers so well. Jen and Ken


  • GREAT to hear...one day, Our Rover Tandem may hit some "open" road...!!!!!!... :)
  • Hat's off to TerraTrike! They are a fantastic company who really does treat everyone sa team and/or family members! And hat's off and best wishes to the Finch's, (Jen & Ken) on their 7,000 mile tour! Is there any way you can post your ongoing progress to this forum (perhaps weekly)? I'm sure we would all love to hear your stories... or maybe you could post a link to your blog (hint, hint) if you have one.

    Keep on triking!
  • Keep in mind, the original post was made in 2010.... I think asking for updates is a bit past the best used by date... :)
  • Once again I have to thank you for helping me realize that post dates should be attended to! Thanks Elrique64. Now I have to go to Google to see if I can learn of their journey.
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