TerraTrike Cruiser for sale Southern NJ / 45 minutes from Philadelphia, PA

Upgraded Cruiser in blue: Shimano trigger shifters for both front (friction) and rear (indexed) derailleurs, Avid BB7 disc brakes, 2 booms to adjust for rider size: large (currently installed) and a short. Also: Newer Primo Comet tires, 4 new in box Schwalbe presta tubes, and a presta to schrader valve adapter. All systems are properly adjusted and working well: Seat is mesh and 100% intact and secure, steering is the indirect type and works without issue, both brake levers include a functioning parking brake button. Overall excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition: asking $800. Not inclined to ship.


  • Sold locally
  • Do you still have this available
  • Please let me know the model - is this a tour II? rambler? sportster? Is it still available?
  • Ummm, am I the only one who sees the post where he/she said it was sold?

    Also FYI, the Cruiser is is a TerraTrike model. It just hasn't been sold in years. (Of the current models, it's closest to the TourII.) That doesn't mean it isn't any good, though. I can't really blame anyone for not knowing that, the older models are hardly mentioned on the site.

    - PaulNM 
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