Locking my new Rover

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I just ordered a Rover - first ever trike - and I was wondering what is the best way to lock a trike and specifically the Rover? It seems the shape of a trike versus a bike poses more of a challenge.
I have seen the Axa lock fitted on a trike - but I have also seen video of them being easily defeated. The MasterLock street cuffs look tough but would they go around the boom? I have heard cables are next to useless. I am not sure whether a U-Lock would be a convenient choice, and some of the heavy duty chains are actually very heavy and appear more for motorcycle use.
Does Terratrike have any official suggestions? What has been the experience of others?


  • Locks are somewhat personal. You'll get people that will swear by one, and others will swear against them and for another. Some use cables, others use chains or U-locks.

    The brand our other Sales Coordinator uses is Kryptonite. I'm not sure what U-locks will work with TerraTrikes, but cables and chains work - chains will be a lot heavier to carry along on rides, but are difficult to break through.

    Anyone else, feel free to throw in your suggestions!
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • I started a thread in General Discussion about locks - that should get more views and responses.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • This is what we're using on our new Rovers. It's made by Master and there's a button that releases the coiled cable from the holder. They were previously on the seat post of our mountain bikes.

  • Moe, the image doesn't appear in my browser. What model of lock are you referring to?
  • To see the cable and lock, click here. It appears Master Lock no longer sells it with the neat push-button carrier designed to fit on a seat post or larger tube. Still, you could hang it from the Rover's horizontal seat tube with a hook-and-loop (Velcro) strip or a carabiner. Hope this helps.
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