Wanted: Rover Tandem Kit

I would like to buy a Rover Tandem Kit.  IPS would be nice.  I live in Eastern Alabama.


  • I assume you mean a used Rover tandem kit professor, and I think IPS is a must for nearly every tandem duo. I live in Michigan, and I am also interested in a Rover tandem kit... maybe we will find two of them!

    I'm sure you know you can purchase a Rover tandem kit with IPS directly from TerraTrike (basically $1k for the extension, and $300 for the IPS). If the shipping charge is the primary obstacle, I make several trips a year to Alabama to visit my wife's brother's family and I would be willing to deliver it to you to save you the money involved in shipping.

    Someone has suggested to me that I test ride a Rover tandem before I purchase a tandem kit. You might try the same. Good luck!
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