Netted Seat Stash Bags?

edited October 2016 in Accessories
  Anyone know of a netted stash bag(s) that can attach to either sides of the Rover seat? Netted so they won't hold water or road debris, and elastic to hold whatever inside them.

  Was coming home the other day and saw a plastic bag of disposable ventilation masks. Had no where to stash them except under my shirt - which made a hump that really poked out there! Can only imagine what motorists thought. (LOL)
  Have found other lost treasures along side the roadway, even some onions. Given that I might find some road-side treasures to take home, or to carry items that I can quickly access from the seat, had wondered if there by chance was a netted stash bag that others may have found and used?

  Surprised TerraTrike doesn't have any for sale. - Have seen some side-saddle bags that poke out to either side that can hold luggage packs, but that's a bit extreme. There's that wasted space underneath the seat that can hold lightweight items, a snack in a nylon snack, extra beverage containers, perhaps even a container of hot chocolate.

  Was a thought. :)

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