Hi guys i am buying a rover i would like to put 8,9 speeds and three rings  has any one done this to a rover any help would be great my e mail thayer01@surewest.net    ,phone 916 798 3944  if you like to call god bless have great thanksgiving  oldtriker 


  • You need to talk to Squirrel Pie.  Here is a link to his blog.
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    Well, most Rovers are already 8 speed. There were 1 and 3 speed versions available years ago, so you may see those if buying used.  Even amoung the 8 speed models, there's variety in what the gearing is. Some have a smaller range than others, some have the entire range geared lower than others.

    Before doing anything at all, ride the trike and figure out what you like and don't like about the current setup. Only then can you figure out exactly how much to change and what is even possible.  

    From a parts perspective, pretty much everything is standard bike parts. The crankset is square taper and can be swapped out for any compatible set. Note that the chain the Rover comes with is 8-speed. If you upgrade the other components to 9/10/11/12 speed, you will need to completely replace the chain to match.

    The Rover doesn't have a front post, so there's nowhere to mount a front derailleur. You'll either need to build a post yourself or change gears by grabbing the top chaintube and pushing the chain yourself. Also the Rover doesn't have a built-in mounting hole for rear derailleurs, but that just meens you'll need to get a ~$5 derailleur hanger for it.

    There are also multiple internally geared options available for both the front and rear.

    One useful thread, detailing my conversion of a 2012 internally geared Rover to an external setup:

    Hunt around the forums, especially the General and Rover ones to find many more discussions. But the best thing to do is start by determining what it is you're hoping to accomplish and why. We'll be much better able to help you that way.

    - PaulNM

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