A decent rear end for the rover, one that will handle the BBSHD.

The only way I could get my family and the Dr. on board to let me purchase a trike was to agree to install an electric motor on it so if I give out of oxygen or if my heart starts getting a little wild – I would have pedal assisted or just mash the button and it goes on it own.

I wrote TerraTrike and asked for some quotes on two hubs and different size wheel's. A few days later and I was basically told to buy the X8 and change it myself. Now if the other model's can get other option's – – why can't the Rover? Why are they treating the Rover like a third rate reject? It should be apparent to even the most challenged person that the reason I am buying online is the fact that there are no bike shops within 100 mile's.

Has anyone found a way around this?


  • Maybe I'm misunderstanding the first post, but it seems like he/she thinks TT ships other models with electric motors. They don't ship anything with motors. (Neither do most of the other major trike manufacturers.)

    You're pretty much going to have to go with a 3rd party for any motorized trike. Unfortunately TT makes it harder for those in distant areas due to their rule prohibiting dealers from shipping assembled trikes.

    - PaulNM
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    Dang, and I just spent my last $972 million dollars– smile. I am a person on a fixed income so I must check things out in advance and make certain it is not the wrong thing before I spend my money. Yes, if you have a few million dollars you can get anything you want on your trike. I save my money and then I purchase it so I just don't have money to throw out there.

    if they don't want to be a  boutique manufacturer, then they should stop offering the very items I need on the other trikes. 
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    I already have the motor and battery (this is a perfect case of thinking you have done your homework and finding out later on that you have brought the wrong one.) While I had much rather have a smaller one – I will make do with this one. I just mentioned the motor to give an example of why I need a good rear end– such as the nexus Alfine or the dual rear end in a 24 inch wheel.
  • Elrique64 
    There are no LBS around here and the closest one which is 75 miles away doesn't work on anything but diamond frame. I will have to go to the next state in order to even find one. I will have to do that installation myself as best I can.
  • Ah, I see. Yeah, TT is in a bit of a weird spot. Back when they were Wiz-Wheelz they were pretty much a specialized trike shop that sold their own trikes. Then they built out a dealer network while still having their own retail and online store.

    They're betting everything on their dealer network, and work hard to make them feel appreciated. The rule against dealers shipping assembled trikes was at the request of their dealers. They've since passed on their local retail presence onto another local store. (Though that was also due to retail stuff taking up too much of their time and resources.)

    I suspect the only reason they still have an online store is because they still get a good number of sales via it, and to accommodate the many folks who don't have a nearby dealer. Even with their retail store, I don't think they were ever really big on heavy customization. Sure they had accessories and alternative parts available, but changing/modifying major parts wasn't really an option. I'd imagine it'e even less so now that they don't run a retail store.

    - PaulNM
  • @elrique64 and @Digitally_impared - I want to purchase a BBSHD from Luna Cycle probably Cyber Monday. My plan is to install it on my Rover (~2014 Nexus i8) (on the boom replacing stock crank) as power assist and have this become my wifes trike. Once I do, if she likes it, she will keep the Rover as hers, and I get to sell a big lens and buy a Catrike 559. If she doesn't like the electric assist, she gets the 559 and I keep the Rover. Ah, the things we do for love...

    I believe you two both have some experience with Bafang crank motors. What wisdom can you pass my way, and what would you do if you were in my shoes... so to speak. Anyone else with knowledge on this topic or the topic of batteries - right now I'm leaning toward a 52v 20ah battery unless resources or someone convinces me otherwise. I antisipate purchasing a kit from Luna Cycle.

    Any and all guidence is greatly appreciated. - Mike aka TrikeBirder

  • While the project certainly isn't completed yet, I now
    have the Bafang BBSHD motor mounted on the top of the Rover boom. As a
    temporary solution, I cinch strapped the 13.5 amp 52v Luna Shark battery pack
    to the underside of the frame below the seat. The throttle control and computer were mounted on the right side on a TT accessory mount. I have not set up the computer display nor made any changes. The good news is that the motor works... and it is really really powerful and fast! I will have to make sure my inner-child is safely under lock and key each time I take Rover for a ride! 

    The install hasn't really been difficult to this point, but it has been quite time consuming and promises to be much more
    so before I'm through. I've come across a few challenges, and I am reaching out for suggestions. First, I am looking for a sheet of aluminum roughly 10x13" to 11x14" and roughly 1/4" to 3/8" thick. I would U bolt this to the top of the trike frame under the seat and up against the rear fender. On this plate I would mount a 13.5a 52v Luna Shark battery on both sides.

    I really like the trike installs I've seen with BBSxx attached to the underside of the boom. So, the next solution I seek is to find a way to keep the BBSHD on the underside of the boom. Rather than initially fight the motors natural torque to flip on top of the boom, I started with it resting against the top of the boom, for now. If anyone knows of a way to accomplish a permanent underside install while maintaining reasonable aesthetics, please tell me. So, here are some thoughts I would love opinions on... 

    I thought about running a thick metal plate off the end and top of the boom in such a way as to allow the plate to be fastened by the water bottle screw holes. Ideally, I would have a the plate constructed in a long shallow T shape. The vertical portion would be affixed to the boom plate and the reflector mount. One question- how far off the boom's end would the plate need to be to prevent the motor from torquing to the top of the boom. Also, would a rubber tip be of any advantage? And of course, the obvious question- Is this this a solid potential solution? 

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    Did see a post on someone probably on endless sphere or electric bike forum that made a bracket to hold the motor BBXX in position, but for the most part they are installed on top of the boom as that's the way they want to rotate anyways. Perhaps put some rubber between motor and boom. This also gives you better ground clearance of the BBxx which could be important on a Rover. This rotation because of the torque  is common on the BBxx units, particularly the BBHD
  • Any of you read the Recumbent Trike Forum post regarding the 1000w trike a guy built and the problems he's having with driveline wear/damage ? I'm no very knowledgeable regarding Etrikes but the forum post seemed to have some real data.
  • Have read several of them and am sure it is pretty easy to tear up the drive line if you are not careful with the throttle, starting on hills and shifting. Also seems to be quite a few prob if the chainline is off...Problems with chains climbing off the sprockets, etc. I'm still planning on eassist, probably with a BBSO2 rather than an HD and expect I will wear out more chain and sprockets, but those components are not particularly expensive 
  • The BBSHD (as I understand) is not a problem if you follow these 3 simple rules when using the motor:
    1. Either let off the accelerator momentarily, or purchase and use the gear sensor ($50 which basically does this automatically- just quicker and more consistently than we humans can do the same)
    2. Start off in the gear you have which is closest to 1:1 - usually 5th gear on most internally gear hubs.
    3. Drive your e-trike like a responsible adult, not like a reckless teenager.
    Do these three things, and you shouldn't have any problems.

    As a side note, I have yet to meet anyone in person, or online, who has a BBS02 (or 01) who would not rather have the BBSHD on their trike. When Bafang build the BBSHD they took customer feedback into account, and made every aspect of the BBSHD beefer and much more robust than their earlier motors. Bafang has reportedly told vendors that the duty cycle of the BBSHD is twice that of the BBS02. Food for thought.

  • So how much is a BBSHD again? And must I remove my triple ring and replace it with something special for the BBSHD?
  • BBHD is about 150 more and comes with a single. You save your triple and cranks to put back on your Rover when you step up to a different trike
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    I think I have a mental hard spot with taking a $1300 trike which has now blossomed to more like $1800 with everything I've bought for it, and putting another $700 or so into it for a BBSHD.

    This may have to wait for my replacement, which will come when I've reduced my weight down to < 250 from the current 370. So, a couple of years maybe?
  • Obviously there are riders that have a need for a motorized trike and there are those that do not need a motor.
    There is a third group that may be considering a motor but may be better off continuing pedaling as a form of fitness or getting fit. I'd suggest anyone that can pedal without assist to continue pedaling without assist. 

    If hills are a problem avoid them or look into drive train gearing mods which may help with hill climbing but remember the lower you go with gearing the slower you go also.

    Work on the engine for a year or two, it's a lot cheaper then buying new trikes or electric drives.
  • Actually, about 5 years ago my father in law bought his wife a bike with an electric motor. She rode it once and didn't like it.
    It appears he's willing to let me scavange off of it, so the next time I run out to their place, I'll see what it is. Perhaps the investment will be much less than I expected :D
  • Yup. Worse case I use it in my wife's DF that I just installed that mega-7 casette on.
  • My point was there are riders that give up and go electric versus spending the time and effort to get in a better physical condition.
    Working towards a goal can be extremely rewarding both physically and mentally.

    May of 2014 Most of my cervical spine was sliced open in surgery to correct a potentially fatal condition. A year of PT and I was sorta mobile. I needed something else, got the Zoomer and June 2016 did a moderate triathlon.
    Or I could have gotten e drive.
  • Elrique64 Thanks for the links to the BBSHD torque stabilizer. Not sure why, but the links were broken so I simply searched on the info contained in the link and found them both. For all those who might read this and have any BBSxx drive mounted on their trikes, which of the two different stabilizers (both designed for DF bikes I'm sure) do you feel is most likely to work well with a Rover? My guess is the BSBF-1, but I am interested in what others think too.

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