$100 Independent Pedaling System IPS?

OK, I'll admit that I am still a neophyte when it comes to all this trike stuff (following forums ~1yr. owned a Rover ~6mo.). But recently I ordered a Bafang mid, or perhaps more accurately "crank" drive for the Rover from Luna Cycle. I chose Luna because of their reputation for customer service, battery expertise and reputation, and good pricing. Being the newbie I am, I was investigating their website when I stumbled upon what I think might be a $100 Independent Pedaling System (IPS). So, I would really appreciate those of you who are closer to Guru, than to Novice, to follow the direction below and either confirm my discovery of a potential $100 IPS, or help me see the errors in my analysis.

Go to the Luna Cycle website (https://lunacycle.com). From there go to Parts (see options strip ~inch below the top), then Cyclone parts (4th option), - then 3rd roll 1st item (double sprocket/Freewheel 29.95) or, 3rd row 3rd item (triple chain ring front sprocket 35.95) - then, 4th row, 2nd item (Luna tic freewheel for mid drive ebikes 49.99), and - 4th row 3rd item (crank set arms 19.95) (these might not even be necessary if ones you have fit) and add whatever pedals you want!?

I realize that the parts here aren't designed to work on a
TerraTrike or even the Bafang BBSHD electric assist kit I purchased, but do any of you
see any reason this wouldn't work on a Rover tandem to effectively give an Independent
Pedaling System to the tandem?

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