First ride after conversion to NuVinci from SturmeyArcher

I took my first ride on my Rover with a new NuVinci 360 hub yesterday.  I really, really like NuVinci, and am very pleased with the results.  My main reason for the conversion is the shifting pedal pause needed on the SA.  Hated it!  That's now a memory.  Shifting is smooth and I can maintain my cadence when rounding cul-d-sacs in my neighborhood.

The conversion was less difficult that I expected.  Thanks to the deep dropouts on the rear wheel and the sliding boom, I did not have to alter the chain length or chain tubes.

On eBay I purchased the NuVinci 360 ($200), 140mm spokes ($18) and a truing stand ($48).  I found a nice 20" rim and a 42t chainring at my LBS ($5 each) and 10 foot length of cable sheath ($10).  Since this was my first wheel, It took an entire day to build it to my satisfaction.  Preserving roundness of the wheel without wobble takes a great deal of patience along with viewing multiple YouTube video instructions.  

The OEM 32t chain ring was too small to reach my usual 12MPH cruising speed.  The LBS did not have a 40t that I could fit on my crank, so I had to opt for a 42t.  I plan to purchase a new crank set with 40t after the Christmas bills are paid.  In the mean time, I decided to drill and bolt the new chain ring onto the OEM gear.  Careful workmanship and a drill press made it quite simple to do.

I am on a two-week hiatus from triking/biking under doctor's orders... prostate issues and doc says 'stay off the bikes' for two weeks beforehand.  I have been using the time to convert my Rover, tune up my Giant Revive DX (Nexus 7 hub) and my very light weight Fuji Regis(7 speed derailleur).  

I will answer questions and take photos if anyone needs more information.


  • We always like to see photos! Also, there may be someone here on the forum that can't afford to do a hub change, but has a SA they are having issues with and are looking for a quick and easy fix. If you decide you don't want to keep the wheel & hub as a spare, someone here may want to buy it.

    What state and town are you located? What is your local bike shop? You are obviously an experienced bike/trike rider, and you have skills, as they say. Tell us a bit more about your riding experience - especially your trike experience. And finally, why did you choose the now discontinued NuVinci 360 (that has had robustness issues) over the new (and improved?!) Nuvinci 380 with its greater gear range?

    All in all I am impressed with your conversion - Great Job! Please provide photos.
  • Glad it worked out for you. Lacing and truing a wheel is one of those things I'd love to do sometime. It's a nice gradual and methodical procedure that sounds like fun.

    - PaulNM 
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    Interesting...  :)  Pics please.

    ¬ ITL
  • @paulnm I re-laced all 3 of my rover wheels to 26" and it is not a horrible procedure. I trued the rear on an old mtb upside down using the front fork and a construction pencil to find the areas that needed adjustment. The fronts I did right on the trike. They came out as close to perfect as I would have required from my lbs. But I am a mechanic. I think the average bear wouldn't have much trouble.
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