TerraTrike Ball Cap

TerraTrike (TT) recently added some new accessories to its online store. While at my lbs purchasing some TT accessories decided to add the new TT ball-cap. Like a lot of you, I suspect, I really didn't need another ball cap to go with the 6 on the coat rack and dozens more in the closet, but I figured for $10, why not. Wow! the new beige TT cap has instantly become my favorite cap. It is "one size fits all" which is never true, but if you wear a medium to XXL hat, I'm pretty sure it will fit you. If you need anything smaller than medium, I doubt it will fit if your hat is anything like mine. The cap uses a wide Velcro clasp in the back about 3" long. I typically wear a size "large" hat/cap, and with my new TerraTrike cap I only have roughly half an inch of adjustment remaining when this new cap is properly adjusted to my head.

Beige is the only color the 100% cotton cap comes in. That's perfect by me, as it reflects most of the sun's radiant heat and helps to keep ones head cool. If you are looking for a good last minute Christmas gift, you could do a lot worse. :) 




  • Saw the hat in the store, but had thought it was white. I'd definitely snap up a couple if they came in black.

    -- PaulNM
  • Winter beanie or face mask would be a welcomed idea.

    Why no t-shirts? With TerraTrike logo and words running down on long sleeves. I could wear that merchandising for Frito-Lay at nights if came in a 4XL. :)

    ¬ ITL
  • They used to have t-shirts, not sure what happened to them. Just checked out the entire web store, they're definitely not there anymore.

    - PaulNM
  • Yep, the Hat is Cool...we also have TerraTrike T-shirts also.... :)
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