Efficient way to adjust the rear derailleur

Does anyone out there who owns a TT Tandem Pro can provide me with a way of adjusting the rear derailleur using the barrel adjuster on the front of the trike. The chain seems to be skipping at the lowest cog and then on the fourth one going up to the largest sprocket on the cassette.
Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

I have the chain on the middle sprocket for the stoker position and I am using the smallest sprocket on the cassette which makes the cable loose.  I am turning the adjuster only 1/16" at a time to make the adjustment but seeing that the adjustment is in the front and the derailleur is at the rear I can't see what is going on.

Are there barrel adjusting kits available to place the barrel adjustment to the rear like a conventional setup.

Thank you to all who can offer any advice for this frustrating part of tuning up this trike.  Otherwise it has been a blast owing it.



  • Adjust a derailleur per Terra Trike
  • Jamesr,

    Thank you for the adjustment barrel site as well as posting the video from Terra Trike on how to adjust the rear derailleur.

    I am going to try again this afternoon to make my adjustments.

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