Waiting for my Rover to be delivered in Mobile AL

Love the forum. Will update when trike arrives. :-\"


  • Welcome Bayrunner!

    It's always good to have fresh blood. :))  We were all new both to trikes in general, and to this marvelous forum. Most everyone here is happy to help if they can, and everyone has a an opinion... maybe several. ;)

    Why not get started by telling us a bit about yourself in general, and a bit about your cycling experience.
  • Congratulations on your purchase!  You will love riding in that area.  Have you found a good trail yet or just plan to use it on city streets?
  • Secure your unit. My Rover was stolen in PCB a year ago and never a trace since But Rover certainly a great unit and great experience
  • Thanks for the great replies. Good support on this forum. My Rover arrived today!! I had to pick it up at the UPS freight office as I live in an historic part of Mobile and no way an 18 wheeler was going to make it down my street under all these old oak trees. I actually purchased the Rover NuVinci on Ebay and it looks almost new. Seller took it to UPS Store and the person who packed this trike deserves a medal. It took me almost 2 hours to slowly cut through all the bubble wrap an cardboard. But it arrived fully assembled in perfect condition. I put my new clipless pedals on, aired up the tires, installed the seat and it is ready to go...well almost...the boom is set on medium and I am 6'6".... so I will need to buy a new chain to set the lengthen the boom. I did put the seat all the way back but still too short. Ordered new flag and should be riding soon. Will post pix when I can.
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