Rack for Rambler on RV

I want to take my Rambler on my RV trips.  I've seen a picture of a rack mounted on the roof of one somewhere with trike hanging down the back. If you've done this I'd like to see a picture of it or if you know of a commercial source please let me know.  I've carried 2 wheelers on hitch mounted rack but can't visualize how my 6 ft+ long trike could be mounted.  Any ideas?


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    Click on my picture to the left and you can see what a trike looks like on an Alpaca.  It is an "S" shaped piece of tubular steel.  You insert the two yellow bars that hold the trike on the top of the "S".  You can also hang two-wheelers from them.  The rear tire is strapped to the rack at the bottom.

    It has worked well for me but I have not traveled long distances.  You shouldn't even notice it's there on the back of your RV.  My concern is someone stealing it.  The rack comes in two pieces.  I bought a lock system from a boat dealer.  It has one lock for attaching to the hitch and one for where the two pieces are joined.  I use a "U" lock through the wheel and the frame of the trike then use a steel cable to secure the trike to the rack.
  • I would encourage you to search "trike car racks" at YouTube and check out the videos that sound most appealing. Here is one I really like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAY5H8AhDOg
  • .I made one that fits in the hitch on my fifth wheel. If you look at my profile picture you can see it. I have a winch on it to raise and lower it.
  • I wish I had a winch!  I looked for a carrier that would lower to help load the bike and the only good is very expensive.  I have to lift my Rover up to the carrier.  It can be hard at times.
  • Thanks  to you all I've been away and will check out the sites you gave me.
  • I have this one on my VW Passat

    It can be configured to carry 2 trikes and 2 regular bikes...

    I also use it behind my Travel Trailer (or if I'm taking Kayaks too, I'll use a small flatbed trailer with a ramp).

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