Rover for sale with SportCrafters Progressive Magnetic Trainer $750

begginers bike 
had it for a couple of years barely used 
gears do need tuning kind of hard shifting or I would upgrade the gears i didn't like only having 3 gears 
the indoor trainer was $200 and barely used 
Shipping at your cost ill break it down and box it up i'm in Santa Rosa, California if that helps figure out shipping


  • Someone could also buy a Nuvinci 380 on a 20" wheel directly from TT for $500, and install it on the trike making it quite nice.

    Elirique, you must have a lbs that is much less expensive than mine. My lbs quoted me $150 to install an 8 speed hub and new spokes on a new wheel. One could save a few dollars using the same wheel, but would most likely neen new spokes. I think your our estimate of $45-$60 if one did the work themselves. 
  • My lbs charges 50 to relace a wheel. Spokes are a buck a piece at the lbs. Stick with the same tire and rim and it would be close to 100 with tax, for me. 

    When I went to 26's the rims were about 50 for all 3, about 100 spokes, and 3 tires at around 75. Tubes and rim tape prolly another 30. Then DIY lacing.

    I think rique's number is good just for relacing. Hopefully the hub diameters are the same. Or he has an awesome lbs!
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    Not much in extras  nice pirate flag pole though thought it was a fair price with trainer 
  •   Seen there was a trike sale group on Facebook...

    ¬ ITL
  • Thanks for the link.  I love pictures!
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