Battery Storage

I leave for 2 months in 15.5 hours. I have a Luna Shark 52v, 13.5ah battey pack. The pack was fully charged after I received it. It has had roughly 20 minutes of total use since mid January. I have the good charger... will charge to 80% if I chose... but reportedly will not discharge a battery. Luna said I should drain the battery to 50% charge for storage, but I have no time to do this by riding the trike (in storage). My guess is the battery is around 90% charged currently. Neither the trike nor the battery will accompany me. Anyone have any good reccomendations for the best thing I can do with my battery before I leave?


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    Hook a light bulb up to it to discharge it to the point you want it. We used to do that to NiCad batteries to prevent memory. A simple bulb socket with two wires that you can attach to the battery terminals.

    Sorry I didn't go into a 17 paragraph diatribe about exactly how to do it.
  • Wow, What a great idea... worked like a charm. Thank you so much, and please excuse my late thank you, as I was in a panic to leave on time, and I was without internet access until just now. Thanks again, I should have thought of it myself, but I'm glad you did and then suggested it to me.
  • I'm glad it worked out for you. 
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