TerraTrike on American Discovery Trail

Hi All -

:?: Question---Is there any collective knowledge out there that knows of anyone who has attempted the American Discovery Trail (coast to coast hiking trail, http://www.discoverytrail.org/) on a TerraTrike?

My original plan was to hike the ADT west to east come March 1, 2011. However, I developed a foot condition that is going to preempt me from walking all that way, so I bought a TerraTrike Cruiser to accomplish a coast to coast trip. I had thought I would be made to follow some of the many coast to coast Adventure Cycling's Routes, which would be fine I guess, but I was hoping to do a little more trail riding not to mention getting away from the traffic.

So, if anyone has heard about the possibility, of even the insanity, of attempting a cross country ADT trip by TerraTrike I would love to hear from you.


Carl Jackson
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