Sturmey-Archer hub on 20" wheel $150

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I removed this wheel/hub from my TerraTrike Rover when I installed a NuVinci n360 that Santa brought for me. It is in excellent condition with about 2700 miles. My Rover was purchased new in June of 2016 (8 months ago). As the photo shows, mounted hub, shifter with cable, no-turn washers, SA nuts and the matching crankset. I'll ship FedEx or USPS at your expense.
Photos are here


  • What did you change the crankset to?
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    Yes Jrobiso2.  Because NuVinci requires at least 36T with an 18t cog on the hub, the stock 32t had to be removed.  I found a 40t x 150mm on eBay to replace the stock crankset.
  • Cool. Considering a Patterson or Schlumpf?
  • I live in southwest Florida with no hills whatsoever.  So, no plans to change the drive train any further.  The n360 is great and I cannot spin at the top end.  17MPH at 35-40 pedal rpm is my max.  That's plenty of speed considering that I must slow to 9MPH to round our neighborhood cul-d-sacs.  When I finish my wiring for turn signals, running lights and head lights, I will post pics of all my mods.  I am putting a motor on my wife's delta trike, so I'll have some experience when it comes to doing my own when the need arises.  
  • You can always go this route Rique. You could do it yourself with resistors or just go ready made.
  • Hub/wheel now listed on eBay with free shipping.  
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