How to remove the front wheels in order to upgrade the brake system

Running with the Zoom calipers on my Rover, but having problems with the overall braking ability. (I was riding the 'power line trail' in Beaverton, OR, the other day - it was all I could do to slow down coming down some of the steeper grades.) 

So, working with my brother, we removed the pads from the Zoom calipers, found some wear and tear... and was able to purchase one replacement pads from the Bike Gallery in Beaverton... but, need to replace the other side too. But, unable find another set in like 4 different bike shops in the Bend/Redmond area... lots of BB5's... which are round like the Zoom pads, but too large. Am also wondering if the return spring in the calipers is worn, not proving enough stiffness on the release action of the brake handle. 

Had been having issues with the cable coming out of the right side handle, my legs had been hitting it... resolve that with some brake noodles off a diamond frame bike... now, a solid curve down on both brake housings... 

Anyway, after seeing the size of the brake pads... about .5" in diameter, and the difficulty of finding replacement pads for the Zoom, thinking about upgrading the entire assembly to Avid's BB7 calipers, rotor and pads... but, how to remove the wheel? I noticed that when the factory ships the Rover, the front wheel assembly is complete... I checked the TerraTrike university videos, but there are no instructions on how to remove the wheel from the axle. Are the screw-in inserts both removed in a counter-clockwise turn, or is counter-clockwise on the right side, and clockwise on the left side?

BTW, bought the Rover used, weighing close to 400lbs... down to 300lbs... in 8 months... diet, exercise, having loads of fun!l
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