Just got my new Sportster. Is there a mirror that can be mounted on the bike and works well?


  • Depends how your handlebars are set up and where you store your trike.  If you have plenty of room getting it in storage, you can buy the Mirrcycle mirrors and put them on the end of the handle bars.  

    Previously, I had purchased a regular mirror at Walmart that can be used on any bike.  There is enough room on the left handle to add it.  If you want two, you can put them on the upright portion of the handlebar and point them out.

    I have modified wide handlebars and put my mirrors on the inner part of the handle and can still have a clear view behind me.  

    It all depends on what you like.
  •   Mirrcycle is a good way to go. Do not super tighten it down in case the mirror brushes up against something, it will give instead of break.

      Had gotten the Versa Bars and mounted the Mirrcycle MTB mirror on each side. Have a headlamp o the left, Joby GripPro on the right, two water bottles, and a cycle computer on there. Though I don't push up on the Versa Bars like some may do, instead I pull myself up & out then grab the SPD pedals to pull me forward if I need help getting up.

    ¬ ITL
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