What's your off road trike ?

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Hey y'all,
I'm new to the forum and bents.
I have access to several acres of rolling fields that I would like to use as an off road trike playground.
I don't own a trike and I am doing some searching before I buy myself one for my 51th b'day in Oct.
Off road would be my primary use for this trike and my knees are older than I am, so seat height and ground clearance are concerns.
I would like to be able to up grade to a big ole fat drive tire/wheel after I wear out the orig.
Thanks ,


  • Go for ROVER 8 speed.
  • Thanks pema, I want to try the Rover and I also want to try a Sidewinder.
  • After a bunch of research I think I going to grab a Sidewinder Sport Z.
    2 drive wheels up front, good ground clearance, short chain.
    I'm gonna shorten the cranks buy some knobbies and kick up some dust.
    Shoot, I might even get a full face bmx helmet.

    Maybe a "road" trike in the future?
  • You could definitely use the Rover 8 and upgrade the tires to suit your needs more. The wheels are the same size as BMX so there are a lot of options for tire types.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • Thanks KelliB,
    I sent a message to Ashely at Utah Trikes and he suggested a Quad. I really like the Idea of all the traction of 2 wheel drive. I also like the height of the Rover. I need to find a nearby dealer so I can take a test drive.
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